Denunciations: a new way of dealing with the violators

Denunciations: a new way of dealing with the violators


Drivers may offer to become operators, to remove violators of traffic Rules at a special program on your smartphone and send this video to the police. Startup dashcamua – a free mobile application with which the driver can take video of traffic violations by any driver, the car which hits the lens. This can be as a counter and passing transport. The authors believe that innovation should become a serious deterrent for those who do not comply with the Rules of the road.

Someone may object: many now the cars are fitted with video recorders, video violations concerned the drivers are sending the police, spread in social networks, but the fines do not punish anyone.


The main argument of the law enforcement agencies: recording car DVR legitimately impossible to determine the time and place of violation, as the DVRs are not certified. But, according to the author development Alexei Afonin, these problems they managed to solve it.

“In order to use the app, it should download and install on your smartphone from Google Play Market. For correct work it is better that the smartphone was not released late in the second half of 2018. The smartphone is secured in the car so that his camera could work under the mode of DVR,” he told the publication, “Today,” Alexei Afonin.

Information with labels of date and location on every click when you record a video stored in a database on the server and corresponds only to one specific video. The second level of protection – in the video there is a special technical labels that counterfeiting difficult and expensive. Because there is not photo, and video, to adjust it is also difficult and expensive. In addition, the “painted” a forgery is easily detected. Also on the server is recorded, when and who sent a video of violations.


The third level of protection – it is planned to implement the system, the blockchain, which does not allow to correct or to delete the file. This principle kills any possibility of corruption.

The interior Ministry is not yet ready to discuss the issue “of auto-commit violations of traffic rules in the smartphone”. The argument of the Ministry is not certified the equipment (smartphone), which drivers record the date of the violation. In addition, such service is not stipulated by law.

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