Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs arranged a showdown at a checkpoint in Donetsk region

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs arranged a showdown at a checkpoint in Donetsk region


Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Gogilashvili had a row with law enforcement officers at the entrance to the Donetsk region due to the fact that his car was stopped and asked to show his documents.

Source: YouTube video “The Last Drop”

In the video, the security forces on duty at the checkpoint are trying to explain to Gogilashvili why they stopped him and asked him to show his documents.

In response to this, the official is outraged that they did not recognize him, asks if they saw his photo. Then he begins to threaten.

Gogilashvili’s direct speech:

“The only deputy minister, with the same f ** as I have, he’s only one. I’ve been deputy minister for three years! Three years! And it’s sad that you don’t know … Now you know, but now I know you too , my friend, and it will not be pleasant to you …

I think it is wrong that you do not know the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs by sight! Complete failure to comply with the subordination! I don’t have to fucking waste time here and explain to you that I am the Deputy Minister! What the fuck is in your head? “

Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky said that due to the behavior of Alexander Gogilashvili, he suggested that the government remove his deputy.

Note that it is not the first time that Gogilashvili behaves in this way with the police. “Ukrainska Pravda” published a video of the ex-official’s communication with the patrolmen. He was stopped in Kiev to check his documents.

Later, the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Gogilashvili.

Reference: Alexander Gogilashvili got a job at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in September 2019 – immediately to the post of Deputy Arsen Avakov, who headed the department at that time.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he is responsible for the fight against drugs and the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Gogilashvili’s wife, Maria Levchenko, is the personal assistant to President Vladimir Zelensky.

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