Deregulation of the auto market: what is trying to cancel the Association

Deregulation of the auto market: what is trying to cancel the Association


The Director General of VAAID Oleg Nazarenko released a list of legislative norms and their limits, which will attempt to cancel or reduce the Association of automobile importers and dealers. And to this end will initiate appeals to the Cabinet of Ministers, the President and the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Such ridiculous restrictions, gained as much as 10.

1) the Need for registration of passenger cars in the military (RVC) for their registration before the registration in the Service centers (SC) MIA (although MIA is ready STS just online to transfer to mers all the data on all registered vehicles).

2) the Need of certification for radio equipment that is already installed in imported vehicles and are certified in the EU;

3) the Need for and the issuance of fictitious license plates “transit” to new purchased vehicle (the vehicle) (though really according to the legislation a new vehicle is not out of the dealerships in check, as their review in the STS of the Ministry of interior has been canceled, and after registration receive a government license plates and, thus, license plates “transit” simply without the use of destroyed and the state is losing resources).


4) Necessity of payment by importers of motor oils, the so-called “recycling fee”, although no real recycling oil simply does not exist, as it sells oil auto shops or service station that only sells oil to buyers and no control over the use of the oils the car owners just can not physically;

5) the Need to purchase in DC MVD Ukrainian manufacturers of so-called acts of transfer and acceptance for registration in paper form, although the same information electronically automakers to duplicate the STS and MVD for car importers similar to the paper forms statements have been replaced by electronic counterparts already 5 years ago;

6) the Need of registration of a car showroom with “trade-in” when you buy a car, although if you repurchase the same car dealership, through the Commission contract the obligation of registration is not provided, and the procedure is similar;

7) Prohibition for dealers having the right of implementation of foreign vehicles to sell their own vehicle and they forced us to sell them for their alleged “fee” at other dealerships;

8) the Need for import even one car citizens to apply to the mediator-broker, that is, the prohibition to carry out the operation of the Declaration alone without additional cost 300-500 dollars. USA;

9) the Need while testing the car or the stretch from the cabin to the salon pre-register at the STS interior with obtaining state license plates, and the prohibition to use when you “test” license plates “transit” (in the US or EU dealers have to test the special license plates and are not required to register the car, then test, and then re-register the buyer, creating a queue in the STS of the Ministry of interior, as it is in Ukraine);

10) the Necessity for obtaining specifications and permits for the provision of services for establishment of LPG equipment (LPG), the LPG dealers and service stations that are already accredited for such installation and maintenance European manufacturer of LPG (although the EU accreditation and training of a HUNDRED the manufacturers LPG ). At the same time, our officials give such permission a HUNDRED experts which were not prepared by the manufacturers of LPG and does not have relevant technical documentation;

To deregulate and eliminate corruption in the automotive market:

1) you Need to enable the dealers to provide services to citizens (if they wish) for the registration of new vehicles directly in the showrooms and choose from the online database of state plates (this issue is almost resolved and the Ministry of interior has prepared a draft decree of the CMU).


2) it is Necessary to carry out the customs clearance at foreign auctions of vehicles for the price of their purchase (subject to the possibility of online control by the customs officer such a price for entry into “my account” on the electronic bidding);

3) it is Necessary to allow the mandatory inspection auto dealers and stations, which already have a corresponding hardware and software from the manufacturer and authorized by the factory to perform such work on the cars of this brand. (Thanks to the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure this issue is almost resolved!);

4) you Must cancel the certificates on car accessories if such accessories have been certified in the EU and other countries and the importer may provide a certificate.

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