Designer McLaren presented an electric car project inspired by the An-225 “Mriya”

Designer McLaren presented an electric car project inspired by the An-225 “Mriya”


Ukrainian designer McLaren presented a conceptual project of a domestic premium electric vehicle. The concept was named KRAINA 225 in honor of the legendary An-225 Mriya aircraft.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with a link to Maxim Shkinder’s Facebook.

Ukrainian automobile designer Maksim Shkinder, now working in the team of the famous British automaker McLaren, presented his vision of what a domestic premium electric car could be. The project received the patriotic name KRAINA 225.

“The ideology of KRAINA 225 was to unite as a group of like-minded people in an attempt to create a Ukrainian electric car with a competitive design, taking inspiration from local industrial heritage such as Antonov’s planes and the State Space Agency of Ukraine in Dnipro,” says the ideologist of the project Maxim Shkinder.

The mighty An-225 Mriya transport aircraft, known all over the world, was the inspiration for the design.

“Our goal was to create something close to its significance and uniqueness, primarily in terms of visual effect,” the project website says.

The KRAINA 225 is a four-seater two-door electric car with a length of about 5 m. The main design features are a swift falling silhouette that makes the car look like a coupe, a huge glass roof, video cameras instead of rear-view mirrors, and retractable door handles.

Together with Maxim, designer Anton Nikolaev worked on the exterior of the conceptual electric car, and the project team consists of five people.

The authors did not publish any technical characteristics, because at the moment the KRAINA 225 electric car is implemented in the form of 3D renders, there is no question of mass production. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the car materializes in metal and plastic in the form of a single concept.

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