Designers have developed a special garage for Tesla Cybertruck

Designers have developed a special garage for Tesla Cybertruck


Unusual pickup truck American brand got his ultimate garage.

Design company Buro Lars just introduced the perfect garage for the latest creations Musk Tesla Cybertruck and called it Cybunker. Design inspiration Cybunker was clearly taken from the world’s first Tesla pickup truck with the same sharp edges, straight lines and an ominous dark gray finish.

According to the company, special garage built around a durable steel monocoque, and with an area of 600 square feet of space is ideal not only for storing Cybertruck, but another vehicle and any necessary tools that may be needed by the owner.

Cybunker not only is the perfect choice for safety and reliability Cybertruck Tesla, but also has a 1 800 square feet of additional space that can be used for commercial use or housing.

On rendering, developed by design company, Cybunker shown in a variety of environments, from the Arctic circle to Mars.

It should be noted that this is not just a concept. Firm Buro Lars actually intends to build Cybunker. Currently the company is working on armored glass for Cybunker and can even set the gateway. The first details on pricing and availability will be announced in 2020.

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