Detailed photos of BMW i4 cabin leaked to the Network

Detailed photos of BMW i4 cabin leaked to the Network


The big launch of the new BMW i4 is just around the corner. However, you no longer have to wait to see what the interior of BMW’s new electric vehicle looks like. Photos of the salon were leaked the day before.

A series of candid images have emerged through social media that make it clear what the interior of the new electric car looks like. The interior is characterized by digital and elegant design.

The BMW 4 Series was taken as the starting point for the creation of the new BMW i4. The similarities between the two models are obvious. The digital instrument cluster connects directly to the display, which acts as the “nerve center” of the interior. The two screens are perfectly integrated to create the feeling of a single panel.

If you pay special attention to the steering wheel and the gear lever, you will find several elements decorated in blue. The tone used by BMW emphasizes that this is a zero-emission vehicle.

The rear seat backrests can be folded down to create a virtually flat cargo area and maximize the available cargo space.

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