Details about the electric “Helik”


The current Mercedes G-Class is offered with a wide range of internal combustion engines, but due to the total electrification of the model range, the German manufacturer is already developing an all-electric version of the model that can retain the frame structure.

The all-electric Mercedes EQG is expected to debut in 2024. The concept of an electric SUV can be presented as early as September at the IAA show in Munich. Autocar experts decided to imagine how the iconic Gelandewagen will change when switching to electric traction.

There is a possibility that the luxury SUV could retain the frame structure. Engineers from the German brand adapt the frame structure to work with an electric power plant and install batteries.

Instead of using the EVa platform that is used to build electric cars like the EQS and the upcoming EQE, the new EQG will be an electrified take on the current G-Klass. Thanks to the G-Klass wheelbase of 2890 mm, the model can be equipped with a 107.8 kWh battery.

The model is expected to retain its angular appearance, but the radiator grille will be closed, as on all current electric models of the “EQ” family. The car will receive different bumpers, new rims, as well as other changes that will distinguish the new product from the gasoline and diesel G-class. The changes will be the same as for EQa and EQB compared to GLa and GLB, respectively.

Autocar experts believe that Mercedes will offer the EQG exclusively with an all-wheel drive system. This could mean that the electric SUVs will be offered as a twin-engine as standard.

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