Details about the new Fisker Ocean electric crossover have become known

Details about the new Fisker Ocean electric crossover have become known


The head of the Fisker brand Henrik Fisker promised to name all the technical parameters of the Ocean electric crossover only in November this year, but he still shared one number.

So, Henrik Fisker said on Twitter that the power plant of the top-end modification of the Fisker crossover will be able to produce more than 400 kW (545 hp). This is more than the main competitors of the model: Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E, and these parameters also exceed the characteristics of the most expensive of the officially announced modifications of the BMW iX.

The most productive version of the Fisker off-road vehicle will be called Extreme. Earlier, Henrik Fisker announced his intention to release a version of Ocean, which can accelerate to 100 km / h in about 3 seconds: apparently, this version is in question. That is, the novelty can become about half a second more dynamic than the most productive versions of the Mustang Mach-E and Model Y.

The engines of the most affordable all-wheel drive version of the Fisker Ocean will develop, according to official figures, 225 kW (306 hp), but the electric crossover will also have an even more budgetary modification with a single motor on the rear axle. It will cost $ 37,499. On a single charge, an off-road vehicle will be able to drive from 400 to 480 km, depending on the capacity of the battery and the power of the power units.

It is planned that deliveries of the Fisker crossover to buyers in the United States will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021, and next, in 2022, with the support of Magna, the SUV will also appear on the European market.

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