Detox in action: the new Opel Mokka “thin” and 120 kg

Detox in action: the new Opel Mokka “thin” and 120 kg


The company Opel has shared new information about the Mokka SUV next generation, which is currently undergoing final testing. The model was replaced by the platform, shed 120 pounds and was left without a four-wheel drive versions, but has got a fully electric version.

According to new information, Mokka lost 120 pounds, the rigidity of the body torsion has increased by a third, and in the cabin was much quieter than the crossover of the previous generation. With the transition to the new platform, which already underpins the Corsa and the Peugeot 2008, the car has lost all-wheel drive.



Will be offered a choice of several powerplants: a 1.2-litre petrol “turbotron”, polutoralitrovye turbodiesel version with an electric motor that develops 136 horsepower. The stated power reserve of an electric Mokka is 320 kilometers.

Opel Mokka next generation will be produced in the fourth quarter of this year, and European dealers crossover, including all-electric, will appear in early 2021.

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