“Detoxification” in French: details about the new Opel Mokka

“Detoxification” in French: details about the new Opel Mokka


Mokka is the oldest of the current crossovers Opel. Thus in contrast to the Crossland Grandland X and X, who received the platform of the PSA prior to the occurrence of the German mark to the French group, it is based on the architecture of GM. But that will soon change, and radically.

Opel has shown a teaser of the second generation model. It is still being tested, and therefore reliably masked, but the original black and green lining with a giant yellow letter K does not prevent to consider the shape of the car. Your current approach to design the company calls a “detox”. In essence this is minimalism, and if you need examples, remember the concept GT X Experimental 2018, which became the first illustrative embodiment of a development strategy with the sonorous name Pace!


By the way, about the names. Mokka – Mokka again simply: without the prefix X that appeared after the planned restyling in 2016. The manufacturer stressed this point, but it did not explain. Well, we can consider it a return to the roots.

And the new Opel Mokka – electric car. Not only that, but it is a fully electric version will come out first – as was the case with the new Opel Corsa. Probably modification without the internal combustion engine will be called Mokka-e, but the company didn’t say how do not disclose the characteristics of the power plant. However, it is confirmed that the model will be produced in the fourth quarter, and the first customers will receive their electrotransfer in early 2021.

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