Developed a loan crossover Aston Martin will return to profit

Developed a loan crossover Aston Martin will return to profit


The company hopes to sell 4000-5000 copies of DBX to year.

The first in more than a century of history, Aston Martin crossover will help the British manufacturer of avtorskoi to return to profitability and pave the way for other new models – the mid-engined supercar Vanquish and electric vehicle sub-brand Lagonda. About that CEO Andy Palmer said in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Due to lower than expected demand for the traditional Aston Martin sports cars second and third quarters of this year, the brand has been at a loss. To complete the development of DBX and start his deliveries in time in the second quarter of 2020, Palmer had to further increase the debts of “Aston”. However, the top Manager is sure that the new product will allow his business to come in plus.

According to the Director, in garages more than 70% of the current Aston Martin customers already have crossovers and SUVs. Thus, “teach” them to the SUV segment is not required: it is enough to convince you to change seats with Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover on DBX. Mr. Palmer noted that, although “Cayenne” and is not a direct competitor to the DBX, the development of the latter he has served as an important benchmark in terms of driving characteristics, handling and build quality. In this first account of the preferences of potential buyers from China and the United States, because it is the largest markets.


Aston Martin expects to sell four to five thousand copies of the DBX in the year. First year sales would be incomplete, however, in 2020 the company hopes to improve their performance due to market and other models, in particular – Vantage Roadster, which was declassified this fall.

In 2021 lineup will join the aforementioned Vanquish. This will be the first truly serial – in contrast to the limited Valkyrie and Valhalla – mid-engine Aston Martin. This name is familiar to fans of the brand, but it belonged to front-engined Gran Turismo (now this niche is DBS Superleggera).


Andy Palmer also confirmed that plans to launch electric vehicles Lagonda remain in force. Their production will establish in 2023 at a new plant in South Wales, where it is collected and DBX.

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