Di in “Da”! How to replace the timing right for the quarantine

Di in “Da”! How to replace the timing right for the quarantine


In Ukraine because of the quarantine does not work, a lot of businesses and institutions that creates a lot of inconvenience for citizens. I touched it and the drivers, which will replace the temporary driver’s license.

To pay fines for “delay” or off the machine ready few. So they provided a way to replace the right online. This requires the use of “Electronic office of the driver” and application “Da”.

This was announced by Deputy head of patrol police Department Alexey Biloshitsky.

Then proceed according to the following scheme:

  • go to the office;
  • go to block “E-services”, select “Recovery and exchange of driving licence”;
  • complete the necessary rights and attach scanned copy of certificate on both sides in a pdf file.
  • select the place of receipt of the document;
  • sign the application cap, BankID or MobilID;
  • pay for the service by credit card;
  • check on e-mail receipt about payment;
  • wait until you receive the letter from the TSC, the Ministry of interior about the application process and send in response to the number of the receipt;
  • after the updates a driver’s license, new email ID appears in the application “Da” during the day.


Only then Ukrainians can control the transport of the corresponding category. To obtain an updated driver’s license in a plastic version will be possible after the completion of the quarantine.

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Published Oleksiy Beloshitskiy Thursday, 2 April 2020

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