Dialed on the ad: Ford Bronco recalled because of a ridiculous employee error

Dialed on the ad: Ford Bronco recalled because of a ridiculous employee error


Ford has announced the first-ever recall of its new Bronco SUV. The recall campaign will affect 553 vehicles with a defect in the passenger side airbags. It turned out that one of the workers made a mistake when folding the pillows, as a result of which the mechanism could be triggered prematurely. Passenger airbags will be replaced free of charge for owners of faulty SUVs.

The recall campaign will affect 553 Bronco SUVs that rolled off the assembly lines between July 18 and August 17, 2021. Airbag supplier Joyson, during testing of a new batch, discovered a sample that detonates before activating the microgas generator. Further research showed that premature deployment only occurs on pillows folded by one in six workers. Ford specialists tracked down this person, who turned out to be a new employee who took this position at the end of June this year.

Having carried out the necessary tests, the experts assessed the consequences of the premature opening of the airbags and decided to launch a recall campaign. At the same time, the company stressed that they do not have information about injuries associated with this problem. Joyson, for its part, has developed new control methods to avoid this situation in the future.

Owners of faulty Bronco will be notified of the recall from November 15th. In service centers, specialists will replace the driver’s airbags free of charge. In addition, dealerships will not be able to sell stock SUVs with defective airbags until specialists replace them.

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