Died designer of the iconic Ford Mustang

Died designer of the iconic Ford Mustang


The author of the original design of a classic Ford Mustang Gayle Halderman died at the medical center Upper Valley of the city of Troy, Ohio, USA. According to family, the last time 87-year-old Halderman was fighting cancer of the liver.

Gail came to a Ford in 1953, a position as a staff designer Studio Lincoln-Mercury, however, the young specialist after some time was transferred to the Ford Design Studio, where he participated in the elaboration of the style of cars from Ford’s main line. Changes in cars in 1957 has been quite successful, which immediately affected the sales for the year Ford came in first place ahead of Chevrolet.

Efforts were appreciated and has appointed Gale design Manager Ford Design Studio, and his Manager Joe Oros was appointed Director. In 1962, Ford’s Vice President Lee Iacocca decided to release the affordable sports car. The new model is commissioned to come up with three divisions: Design Studio of Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, and Advanced Design. In August 1962 five or six sketches of Alderman that he sketched out the night before at home, laid on the table of Oros, together with suggestions from other designers. And one of these sketches, showing the car with the driver’s side, became the basis for the first plasticine model of the future Mustang.


Iacocca later described the dynamic and slightly Italian design pony car: “It looks like the layout is moving”. Twelve months a car with a sketch of Halderman became a serial, and for the first three days of sales, dealers have collected 22 thousand orders.

For the first six months of 1964, Ford has sold 126 thousand cars, and in 1965- more than 500 000. A year later, Ford has reported about 500 607 sold “Mustangs”.

After retiring from Ford in 1994, Halderman converted the barn on his farm to the Museum, where he exhibited a small collection of machines and design sketches. In this part of the room the Creator of “Mustang” has allocated for the exhibition of vintage cameras to his daughter Karen Koenig.

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