“Diesel scandal” in Germany, the trial against Volkswagen

“Diesel scandal” in Germany, the trial against Volkswagen


The higher regional court in Braunschweig began the consideration of the first in the history of German collective claim of the owners against the car company Volkswagen. The first hearing began on the morning of Monday, September 30. The lawsuit was joined by more than 470 thousand owners of diesel vehicles of the Volkswagen brand.

The plaintiffs demand from the biggest automobile company of Germany to compensate them for the loss for the damage caused through the manipulation of indicators of harmful emissions of diesel engines. However, most companies do not see any reason to pay claims, arguing that the cars constantly used by customers as vehicles, AFP news Agency reports.


According to experts, the judicial process in this case can last for several years. But the attorneys representing the plaintiffs believe that the consideration to complete faster. In the company also see no reason for delaying the process.

As “diesel scandal” will affect the Volkswagen?

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