Diesel Volkswagen XL1 to be auctioned in Birmingham

Diesel Volkswagen XL1 to be auctioned in Birmingham

One of the most economical production car in the world – the ultralight hybrid Volkswagen XL1 is put up for auction. For almost new car 2015 release with a mileage of 127 kilometers expect to gain up to 60 thousand pounds ($77 000).

Based on the Volkswagen XL1 is carbon-fiber monocoque; to aluminio and magnesium sections of the front and rear suspension are attached and the power plant. The designers save weight at all: for example, the dashboard is made of papier-mache.


Curb weight of the car managed to keep at around 695 kilograms, which, coupled with record low drag coefficient of 0,186 and electrified the 47-horsepower diesel engine enabled us to achieve an unprecedented low fuel consumption.

Volkswagen XL1 is the brainchild of Ferdinand Pieha. A brilliant Manager has set the task to produce the car with a fuel consumption of not more than one liter per 100 kilometers and do not consider costs. At the beginning of the 2010s saw the light close to the serial prototype that demonstrated during certification tests, the result of 0.9 litres per 100 kilometres according to NEDC standard.

Unprecedented efficiency was expensive: the price of the XL1 amounted to 111 thousand euros, while Volkswagen, the small car project was deeply flawed. From 2013 to 2015, the group released only 250 XL1 hybrids. Two hundred copies were in free sale, and another 50 pieces manufacturer retained for their own needs.


Assessment of the auction house Silverstone, the price of the XL1 is unlikely to exceed 60 thousand pounds ($77 000), that is, despite the paltry edition and exclusive technical stuffing, four years of material value XL1 not risen. There is reason to believe that the future prices of super saver Volkswagen will still go up, because the analogues of the XL1 is unlikely to emerge.

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