Dieselgate in French: Renault charged with fraud

Dieselgate in French: Renault charged with fraud


In recent years, environmental requirements have been tightening in many countries of the world, especially in Europe. So it comes as no surprise that carmakers are being watched very carefully.

So, during the investigation of fraud with indicators of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by diesel engines of previous generations, investigators from France suspected Renault of an offense. And have already managed to accuse the carmaker of fraud. The international agency Bloomberg writes about this, citing the official statement of the automaker itself.

Renault’s management could not ignore this attack and came up with a kind of refutation. The carmaker denies any involvement in the diesel scandal, recalling that its cars do not have special software that would control the degree of environmental pollution.

In any case, Renault will have to pay a serious deposit of 24 million euros, as well as present a bank guarantee for another 60 million euros. This money will be used to recover potential losses.

Recall that the so-called “diesel gate” flared up back in 2015, and Volkswagen was at the center of fierce proceedings. The experts found out that the cars of this brand were equipped with software that underestimated the real indicators of harmful emissions. The real figures were slightly higher than the established norm.

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