Difficult age: Teenager committed $3.4 million accident (video)

Difficult age: Teenager committed $3.4 million accident (video)


In the US, a 17-year-old teenager was involved in an accident at the wheel of the rarest supercar Pagani Huayra, the price of which is about 3,4 million dollars, reports the Drive. The consequences of the road accident were filmed by eyewitnesses of the accident and posted on YouTube. In the short video, you can see a damaged Roadster. From a strong impact, the car’s front wheels flew off, as well as one of the two doors.

The Drive newspaper writes that this car belongs to billionaire Tim Gillian, who was also driving inside at the time of the accident. At the wheel of the supercar was his son gage Gillian, who recently turned 17 years old. A teenage Youtube blogger, he repeatedly boasted of a purple Pagani Huayra with the chassis number 76029.

As a result of the accident, no one was seriously injured. However, the Roadster will most likely be retired. In addition to this car, the property of the Gillian family includes: McLaren Senna, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari LaFerrari, Rolls-Royce Dawn and Lamborghini Urus.

Pagani Huayra, named after the wind God of Quechua Indians, is equipped with a 6.0-liter V12 gasoline unit produced by Mercedes-AMG. The engine power is 764 horsepower. The engine works in conjunction with a seven-speed gearbox. The weight of the Roadster is 1280 kilograms.

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