Difficult it has become to issue LPG on the car and whether you want to do?

Difficult it has become to issue LPG on the car and whether you want to do?


Since December of last year the Ukrainian market of LPG is in “suspended” state. Those documents that were previously allowed to freely enter the LPG in the data sheet at any Service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, today, are not accepted. Now, this procedure has become more expensive and more time consuming.

On some sites of leading installers of LPG (gas-balloon equipment) still in the list of services “assistance in the registration of LPG in the service center of the Ministry of interior”. Some are even included in the cost of installing LPG. Another would be: in 2019, the sale of LPG for the first time was higher than gasoline. Because the price of autogas in some months was only 1/3 of the cost of gasoline.

In fact, no help from installers of LPG now no longer. To go to the certification bodies have to make. Anything I can do to help even the largest and most reputable companies for the installation of this equipment is to give copies of their certificates and the certificates for presentation to Bodies of certification of wheeled vehicles, which are engaged in technical examination and issue of a permit to operate a car with LPG for registration in the service center of the Ministry of interior.


It is now in SC stopped accepting acts of techexperts for LPG 8 of 14 testing laboratories that worked previously. The services of such laboratories are treated from 300 to 600 UAH per one converted vehicle. But in practice, it was no test, and just trade the forms in which the installers themselves have entered data on a converted car.

On the website of the Ministry of infrastructure, you can find a list of those laboratories that have licenses from 2020 cancelled, and those who continue to work. But what of their 14 left 8, does not mean that there are only 8 across the country. In fact, each laboratory has a lot of branches all over Ukraine in various fields.

Now, the procedure of legalization of LPG and make about it a mark in the registration certificate of the vehicle looks like.

For the renewal of the vehicle on the gas is given 10 days from the date of conversion. Otherwise,

  1. if you are stopped by patrol police while driving, you will have to pay a fine of UAH 340-425.
  2. You may prohibit the use of the vehicle.
  3. You will not be able to go on this car from the country.
  4. 100% will have problems when you resell the car, because during the inspection the expert will find that in the Datasheet the conversion is not made, and therefore the examination of such transport will not work.

To legalize the conversion installer to LPG it is necessary to obtain documents such as a valid certificate (copy) LPG equipment, pass for a container – the gas container and the act of technical expertise.


These documents have to go to the certification authority. The cost of certification with all state duties ranges from 1800 to 3300 UAH. Correspondents to AUTO-Consulting, Kiev rang the certification bodies. In the capital, the price is 2300 UAH.

And already with the certificate, you can go to service center of the Ministry of interior. Here check car with LPG will cost about 500 UAH. In the service center of the Ministry of interior in the new registration to your car will put a note on that in your vehicle uses a fuel mixed type – petrol and propane/butane/methane. In the technical documentation is marked with the letters: B – petrol; D – diesel; S – mixed. And only with such registration, it is considered that the owner has fulfilled all legal requirements for registration install LPG on your car.

Queues for certification in Kiev there. The certificate is issued the next day. And the whole examination procedure takes 20-30 minutes. And here the question arises: what, exactly, check the authorized certification bodies? This is a security check for the installation of the LPG and the LPG, or just receiving certified documents from companies, installers and manufacturers, which is not ashamed to put his signature and seal. And what if 2300 UAH.? For printing on letterhead?

Under the new procedure, the “paper” has become more expensive three times. There is increased security of the vehicles? – the big question. But for motorists, the new procedure has become more expensive and more time consuming.

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But most importantly, what now to register LPG installed in the garage of unknown origin – will not work. Required supporting documentation installer without which the deliberate certificate will not be given.

And it’s not the end of the story. In any case, for now. On the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs there appeared a draft law which provides regular technical control of vehicles installed with LPG, while passing it should be separate from future inspection.

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