“Digital detox” – what awaits owners of the new Opel Mokka


New Opel Mokka will be the first to receive a digital detox Pure cockpit Panel, which will print only the minimum necessary information. How it will look, the company has demonstrated in the design sketch.

Pure Panel is part of the design philosophy of Opel. It is based on the use of simple, basic forms, with a minimum of unnecessary details. And with regard to the interior, and with a minimum of physical buttons. Thus, says the manufacturer, achieved the “perfect balance between digitalization and intuitive controls”. The cockpit consists of two display, seamless combined into a single element and with simplified navigation that displays only information necessary to the driver. For example, the reserve, if we are talking about the electric version of the crossover.


The new Opel Mokka is built on a modular platform CMP, as the Peugeot 2008. After the change of generations, the crossover will drop 120 pounds, and becomes noticeably quieter than its predecessor. Will be offered a choice of several powerplants: a 1.2-litre petrol “turbotron”, polutoralitrovye turbodiesel and all-electric, outstanding 136 horsepower. The stated power reserve battery “Mochi” will be 320 kilometers.

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