“Digital guardian angel” for motorcyclists. How does it work?


Bosch has developed a system to Help Connect, dubbed by the developers “digital angel”. In the event of an accident on the road she will promptly give information about the accident to emergency services.

Help Connect system consists of an inertial sensor for motorcycle and programmes that biker will have to be installed on your smartphone. It is capable of a hundred times per second to measure the acceleration, speed and angle of the motorcycle. In addition, the technology allows to determine, fell whether the motorcycle in the Parking lot, or the accident occurred in the movement.

In the event of an accident the sensor using Bluetooth connects to the smartphone through the app will give information about the accident to the Bosch. They will try to contact the biker to determine the severity of accidents and the danger to his health. In the case that the rider will not respond to the scene for assistance will be sent to doctors and rescuers.


The new technology will be first available only in Germany. Subsequently, the service is scheduled to launch in other European countries. According to the developers, “digital angel” will help to improve the statistics on the mortality of motorcyclists in traffic accidents, which currently is twenty times greater than the number of deaths for motorists.

This is not the first development of the company Bosch. Two years ago they began to develop a technology that could have prevented the fall of the motorcycle in case of loss of grip. To align the bike it is proposed to use a miniature “rocket engines”.

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