Disgruntled fin blew up Tesla Model S with a mannequin of Elon Musk (video)

Disgruntled fin blew up Tesla Model S with a mannequin of Elon Musk (video)


In Finland, the owner of a Tesla Model S electric car decided to blow up his car. According to Insideevs, the driver took this step because he became disillusioned with the American company.

It all started with the fact that during a trip a malfunction message appeared on the screen of the on-board computer of his car. The driver could not get to the service center on his own, and he had to call a tow truck.

Later it turned out that the cause of the malfunction was a battery breakdown. However, due to the fact that the Tesla Model S was more than 8 years old, the warranty on the car was no longer valid. In the service center itself, the replacement of the battery was estimated at about 20,000 euros.

The frustrated driver did not pay that kind of money and decided to get rid of the American electric car. To do this, the authors of the YouTube channel Pommijatkat drove the car to an abandoned quarry and blew it up with detonators and 30 kg of explosives. Before that, a home-made dummy of the head of Tesla Elon Musk was put in the car.

As a result of the explosion, the car was completely destroyed. Judging by the video, the former owner of the electric car himself was very pleased with the incident.

As a reminder, we previously reported that 33-year-old Yiran Sherri from Philadelphia (USA) gave birth to a child in a Tesla electric car while the car was driving on autopilot.

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