“Disko disko partizani”: updated Discovery in camouflage

“Disko disko partizani”: updated Discovery in camouflage


Restyling, according to rumors, a little impact on the appearance of the crossover, but the engine range of possible radical change.

A prototype of the SUV, preparing for the restyling, it looks almost unchanged. Perhaps it is the effect of corporate camouflage, but, according to preliminary data, the update will bring the exterior of Discovery only a symbolic change. List of modifications can generally be confined to modernization of optics and lightweight plastic bumpers.

But the set of power units, which Land Rover offers for the crossover, can significantly expand. The fact that the British manufacturer is not willing to go into conflict with in force in the European eco-standards, trying systematically to reduce the number of harmful emissions on average in the lineup.


And this is why Discovery is expected to follow the same path as the “younger” Evoque and Discovery Sport – that is, for the first time will be a full hybrid. It is not excluded, incidentally, that on the spy photos show that is a crossover with the ability to connect to the socket. What will be the powerplant of this “Disco” is still unknown, but most likely, a hybrid drive on the basis of the 1.5-litre engine will remain the prerogative of the more compact SUV and the Discovery will get something more impressive.

Not be able to avoid electrification, rumors, and conventional gasoline and diesel engines, which are installed on the crossover to help them dispatched 48-volt starter generator. Other innovations, which will acquire a Land Rover Discovery during the restyling will be concentrated mainly around the on-Board multimedia equipment.

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