Do I need a mask the driver? The response of the patrol police of Kiev

Do I need a mask the driver? The response of the patrol police of Kiev


In Ukraine for several weeks, lasts for quarantine, which the authorities introduced due to the active spread of coronavirus. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse every day, and therefore it is necessary to introduce new measures. So, since the sixth of April in the actions entered new penalties for motorists. Among the Ukrainians have attacked to spread rumors about this, but because the representatives of the Executive power decided to tell what actually will penalize drivers.

Thus, the information that the cops fine drivers for absence of masks or the presence of passengers in the cabin, turned out to be fake. This was stated by the speaker of the patrol police of Kiev Roman Martyniuk. According to him, in his car to be without a mask, as it is not a public place. And the police do not have the right to stop the car if spotted a driver without a mask.


“The driver of a personal vehicle can transport any number of passengers does not exceed the permitted (for cars with 3-4 people plus the driver). For public transport other rules – no more than 50% of seats. This also applies to taxi in it, except the driver, can be no more than two passengers. And masks for all required. Recommend and personally transport all wear masks, if it goes family, friends or acquaintances who do not reside with you. And in any case, communicating with the patrol, the driver is obliged to wear a mask – because the police can’t know about his health” – said Roman Martyniuk.

However, the physicians are advised to use masks and disinfectant, even in a private car and not public transport. This is especially true if there are friends or family members.

We also wrote what to do if the term of validity of driving license expired during a quarantine.

Still recall that in Ukraine have imposed quarantine restrictions for motorists.

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