Dodge from the 70s with bed and minibar

Dodge from the 70s with bed and minibar


A 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200 minivan was put up for auction at Bring a Trailer, turned into a colorful party car. During the redesign, the 44-year-old car received a yellow body paint and oval porthole windows, while soft beige quilted upholstery dominates the interior. The interior has everything a party bass needs, but it also has a full bed that can accommodate two.

In addition to the new body color, Dodge has got a body kit with spoilers at the rear and front, a visor and a sunroof, as well as wheel arch extensions with chrome five-spoke Pacer wheels and Mastercraft Avenger GT tires. The minivan has swing doors on the side, and a long exhaust pipe is fixed under them.

The salon, decorated in beige leather, wood and vinyl, features rotating “captain” chairs with diamond-shaped upholstery that can be rotated 180 degrees. For entertainment, an LCD TV, radio and Boss audio system with subwoofers are provided. There is also a full minibar with a fridge, storage for glasses and a separate compartment for bottles.

The minivan is completely on the move: in 2017, the shock absorbers and springs were replaced in the suspension, and recently the seller installed new brake pads. Dodge is powered by a 5.9-liter carbureted V8, mated to a three-speed automatic. On the odometer of a rear-wheel drive minivan – about 46.6 thousand kilometers.

At the moment, Dodge Tradesman B200 has already been sold at a price of 40 thousand dollars. Earlier, another Dodge turned into a motorhome appeared on sale: the 2008 Grand Caravan was equipped with a berth and other equipment for long trips in a mini-format. He is still looking for a buyer willing to pay 24 thousand dollars.

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