Dodge Journey retired

Dodge Journey retired


A few months ago it became known that the company will refuse to continue the release of the Grand Caravan minivan – 2020 model year will be his last. It appears that a similar fate awaits big SUV Journey.

The company seriously intends to provide a “charged” modification with the compressor 6.2-liter V8 to each of their models. Apparently, the Journey of such a motor can not see: the light model appeared in the distant 2008, and Dodge are unlikely to want to invest in a thorough modernization of the crossover. Moreover, according to some, the Journey is not particularly popular – at the start of the pandemic in the fashion industry, about half of all the crossovers 2019 model year still remained in the warehouses of dealers.


Our colleagues from the American edition of Motor1 contacted the company, and the representative of Dodge confirmed that they have no plans for further production Journey. The Assembly of this model will be completed towards the end of the year, while production of the Grand Caravan is minimized.

However, there is a certain probability that the “mark of the three models” Dodge will remain relatively short. According to rumors, the company is already developing some new product that will take the place of dismissed Journey – but approaches the problem from a totally different angle. The mid-size crossover will develop on the platform of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and will be initially positioned more as a sport than a family model.

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