Dodge will return to customers for $ 10 per horsepower

Dodge will return to customers for $ 10 per horsepower

American manufacturer Dodge launched the Dodge Power campaign Dollars in which will make a discount for each buyer models Charger, Durango –°hallenger and 2019 release. Customers get back 10 dollars for each horsepower of their car.

Thus, U.S. buyers can now purchase a Charger Hellcat with a capacity of 717 horsepower with a discount of 7 $ 170, buyers 481-strong SRT Durango will return 4 810 dollars, and the greatest discount will get future owners of the 808-horsepower Challenger Hellcat Redeye – they save more than eight thousand dollars.

C first glance it may seem that in this way the manufacturer is trying to improve sales, but Dodge takes the second most popular place in America – more love buyers use, except that for the first time from Mustang. As explained by Tim Kunickis responsible for the development of passenger cars, the company just wants to give the opportunity for more enthusiasts to own a Dodge.


“Dodge has provided customers already 485 million horsepower. We have more of them than any other brand and we want to share them with those who have been dreaming about them, so I decided to expand the opportunities to join us”

Yes, I Kunickis considered the total capacity of all “Chargers” and “Challenger” sold since the release of the latest version, and this is the year 2006 and 2008 respectively. As he added at the end of his short speech, the end of the year, the company wants to reach half a billion horsepower, and this desire is sufficient to justify such a loyal customer action.

In late July, champion hot rods Matt Hagan showed his new dragster-inspired muscle car Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. The power of 8.1-liter engine has reached 11 000 horsepower to 545 miles per hour, it accelerates in 3.8 seconds with an overload of 4.0 g, and “ate” motor nitromethane mixed with alcohol. Externally, the unit is designed in the style of the “Hell cat” – put the stickers with the model name, and along with decal grille and front optics.

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