Dodoge Caravan leaving… saying goodbye to his van

Dodoge Caravan leaving… saying goodbye to his van


The American company Dodge announced that it will no longer release your minivan Caravan. This became officially known on Tuesday, may 26. Recall that the build of this car was carried out at the facilities of the plant in the canadian city of Windsor. Back in the summer of 2019, the publication Automotive News reported that in mid-spring 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan will cease to gather.


On change to it must come a new model Chrysler Voyager, which we will see the signboard from Chrysler. However, the epidemic of the coronavirus has made its corrections, and the production of the new minivan had to be postponed. Along with this Dodge Caravan are made to offset the cost of the brand. However, in the summer, its production will completely cease. Production of the new Chrysler Voyager will be manufactured at the same factory in Canada. From news to big sales, as demonstrated by the Dodge Grand Caravan recently.

However, Dodge sold well in the first quarter of this year official dealers could sell 24 931 such a car.

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