Does it make sense to buy a car in America?


If you need a good machine without overpayments, the first thing everybody is going to buy cars from the USA from authorized dealers. At all on hearing information about high quality, low prices and other benefits of deals. However so or is it actually about this later in the article will tell company of America Motors.

Why salvage cars it is cheaper to buy the whole?

According to statistics, in 90% of cases on the territory of Ukraine imported broken used cars from the United States. The reason lies in the economic gains, when such cars will not be available high interest rates, and the value of the vehicle will be significantly less. If speaking about buying a car without damage, then enjoy the special savings will not succeed. Conclusion – to buy in America costs only broken machines.

American and Ukrainian automotive market: why such a big difference in price

The reason for this drastic difference in price for the same model cars between Ukraine and the United States lies in the size of the American market. Annually on sale here receives about 20 million used cars. The average American can afford every 3 years to buy a completely new car, so supply and demand adjust to each other.

Besides, if the car got in an accident, then no American will undertake to repair it yourself. He will give it to the insurance company and receive for it worthy payment. After the proceedings, the vehicle owner, insurance company exhibit supported by the damaged car at auction and sell it at a lower cost. Therefore, the difference between the same car in Ukraine and America can be 50%.

It should be noted that the auctions not only sell injured in an accident cars. For example, they may be completely intact, but taken from the owner for non-payment loan, rental, lease, etc. to Pick up such machines will be able website Here are a rich assortment of cars, offers prompt delivery and full documentary support.

Why in America?

American cars are superior in the technical parameters of many European counterparts. Moreover, this rule works the same way and with the salon, and kitting. Also for the domestic market America uses only the best engineering solutions, units and components. In the preservation of the high competition between the manufacturers of cars in the US, it is the consumer wins by getting high at a low price.

In the case of cars from Europe, is not so clear. Are there good options for cars, but not always, costs are in line with expectations. Adding fuel to the fire and instability of the legislation in relation to the car.

Advantages and disadvantages

On the positive side of buying a car in America include:

  • the opportunity to get the real story about the car, about his involvement in the accident and distance mileage;
  • the ability of the car to “digest” 92 gasoline, and therefore will be able to save money;
  • the best equipment;
  • opportunity to purchase a unique for the Ukrainian market model.

If we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth noting:

  • the long process of delivery;
  • the need to take out insurance on the car before sending it to Ukraine;
  • the additional costs of dry cleaning and repair of parts.

As you can see, the benefits are much more than disadvantages, especially that they are not significant. And why pay more if at minimum cost you can buy a decent American car with the help of Motors and America to enjoy a comfortable drive in Ukraine, and it is absolutely legitimate.

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