Dog drives Tesla: there was an ambiguous video with Tesla on autopilot

Dog drives Tesla: there was an ambiguous video with Tesla on autopilot


An ambiguous video with Tesla on autopilot appeared on TikTok: a dog sits in the driver’s seat instead of a driver. The video has already caused the outrage of social media users.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Electrek.

The video was filmed on a road in the US state of Texas and demonstrates how Tesla Model X moves on autopilot, and instead of a person, a dog sits in the driver’s seat, looking out of an open window. There is no one on the right passenger seat, and the rear windows are tinted, so it is not clear if there are any people in the cabin at all.

The author of the video, blogger Blake Messick, claims that he shot this video by accident. However, given the specifics of TikTok, this video is most likely staged and was filmed with the expectation of going viral. In addition, in the opening frames, the tick-toker takes off his sneakers with the inscription Sub 2 Blake, which hints at the original intention to use the video for promotion.

The video has already caused a wave of indignation in social networks. In Texas, such stunts can lead to accusations of reckless driving. In addition, the author of the video, in accordance with state law, may be accused of cruelty to animals during their transportation – the corresponding article is in local law.

Recall that the Tesla autopilot is certified for the second level of autonomy in accordance with the SAE International classification. This means that the driver must be behind the wheel while driving. At the same time, the standard Tesla system, which monitors the presence of a person behind the wheel, is far from perfect – with the help of simple manipulations, an electric car can drive without a driver at all or, as in this case, with a dog in the driver’s seat.

It was also reported that Tesla Model S drove 700 thousand kilometers in Uber in the USA. This distance has been covered in 6 years of work in a taxi.

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