Dohms and Spike Technologies prepare a new electricross

Dohms and Spike Technologies prepare a new electricross


Two Dutch companies Dohms and Spike Technologies working together on a new electric crossbeam. They also cooperate with the Dutch Association KNMV riders. The involvement of so many parties means the scale of the project.

Based on companies use the Yamaha YZ250F as a reliable and technologically advanced machine. Experts Spike Technologies has taken over the development of technology of batteries. Dohms responsible for the electric motor. Both companies have a good reputation, so the prototype might be good, when the time comes release.


Details are unknown at the moment. Dohms and Spike Technologies try to keep most of the information on the project in secret. We don’t know anything about the reserve capacity of the batteries that power the motor.

Electrocycle promise to finish by the end of this year. At the moment it is known that it will compete with a typical 250 CC crossbike, so it’s a very productive and serious off-road machine for use on the track.

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