Doing 261mph in a Bugatti Chiron Sport

Doing 261mph in a Bugatti Chiron Sport


The Bugatti Chiron Sport. £2.85 million pounds of precision engineering and carbon fibre wiper blades, all driven by an 8-litre quad turbo W16 engine. With 1,479bhp on tap, it’s got a theoretical top speed of 420kmh. Or 261mph in British. Theoretical… because no one outside Bugatti has ever hit it. Well, until they let Charlie Turner (’s Editor-in-Chief) have a go. Bugatti: Chris Harris Drives: Series 27: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

the bugatti chiron sport 2.8 million pounds of precision engineering and carbon fiber wiper blades all driven by an eight-litre core turbo w16 engine with 1479 brake horsepower on tap it’s got a theoretical top speed of 420 kilometers an hour or 261 miles an hour in British theoretical because no one outside of Bugatti has ever hit it but today I’m going to give it a go but how do you get to that truly staggering velocity you need one Sheeran sport complete with its carbon fiber wiper blade some speedy shoes this very important v-max key currywurst for lunch from training and lots and lots of space fortunately Bugatti Zoners VW have this place era lesson their top secret test facility just outside Wolfsburg in Germany after an afternoon’s training at v-max in an r8 which was frankly terrifying I’m granted access to this the infamous schnell bond with its 5.4 mile long straight and mile-long banked corners at each end is the perfect place to finally see what v-max in a Chiron sport actually feels like so this is the outlet which we do it 200 kilometres an hour to warm the tires and get the pressures right because if the pressures aren’t absolutely precise high-speed mode disengages 200 kilometres an hour is 125 miles an hour the winds are less in are quite gusty today so there’s wind socks all the way around the circuit so you spend your time looking at them as much as you do your speed we enter the banking at 200 and just sit here the car will actually self steer at 200 kilometres an hour such is the gradient halfway around the bank you begin to see the exit and you drop down into the middle lane and on the next lap when we get here send it but this is the warmup so we’ll keep it under control still feel the gas even at 237 you feel the car moving very slightly and in front of you all you’ve got is mile upon mile of tarmac and a mirage disappearing into the distance and you’re sat here at 250 is you come up to the bump yeah didn’t I tell you there’s a jump in the middle of the straight so the magic number we’re looking for on the fast lap is 421 kilometres an hour that’s 261 miles an hour so I’m gonna try and talk my way around out of the banking and up to four hundred and twenty one kilometers an hour but to be perfectly honest I’m actually struggling to understand how an extract a driver from Essex it’s currently sat in this incredible piece of engineering about to go and see if he can post a VX one but before we set off for our high-speed run I’ve just got to do one last thing I’ve got to twist the key and set the car into high speed mode so we put it in park twist and release Hatori Bugattis signature comes up top speed is enabled put the foot on the brake and into drive and off we go back up to 200 K and this is where it gets quite serious getting quite sweaty palms of my hands a rather damp 200 in the banking sixth gear halfway round fifth gear looking for the exit looking for the exit see the owl sparks I don’t peel off too early roll into the straight and send it it’s moving about 340 350 360 a lot of wind from the right side 381 390 401 – bye 9:12 windows coming open 417 418 come on Cheryl come on come on come on 420 4:21 sorry me again analysis of the data showed I’d got a little excited and kept the throttle in and actually managed to hit 423 kilometers in there all two hundred sixty two point eight four miles in there which to put into context means I was covering a mile every thirty seconds 360 I’m near the parades yet 340 330 under the gantry 313 300 now don’t overcook it into the banking and spank it into Wolfsburg 242 30 water I’ve done some truly incredible things in my life but pointing this thing between these lines at 421 kilometers an hour is something I shall never forget what a privilege today you have it 423 kilometres an hour in a bugatti chiron sport that’s two hundred and sixty two point four miles an hour the fastest you can go in a production Bugatti currently but for how long who knows

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