Dongfeng followed the example of competitors

Dongfeng followed the example of competitors


The Chinese giant has created a new premium brand that will specialize in the production of all-electric and hybrid vehicles. In Chinese the name of the new brand sounds like Lantu (Lantu), English version – Voyah (Howling).

Very often the manufacturers for production of expensive and exclusive cars create a separate sub-brands. So, the company Great Wall appeared mark Wey, and FAW – Hongqi. Their example was followed by another “celestial” giant – Dongfeng. He created a separate luxury brand for environmentally friendly cars Lantu/Voyah.

The new company already has a clear plan for development in the next decade it will represent ten autonomies. Accent planning to do on the crossovers and minivans. The debut model of the brand in repetitive body go already for next year. To produce the model Lantu/Voyah will Wuhan plant previously manufactured car, Renault.


As for the cost of new stamps, the local media can meet the range of 200 – 350 thousand yuan (28 600 – 50 100 dollars). Currently, the maximum for model Dongfeng is the price tag of 140 thousand yuan ($20 000).

Read more about the new brand Dongfeng promise to tell next week, July 29.

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