Don’t like global crossoverization? Your choice is Toyota!

Don’t like global crossoverization? Your choice is Toyota!


Despite global trends, Toyota Motor does not intend to abandon the production of sedans. Representatives of the company announced this during the presentation of the compact crossover Toyota Corolla Cross for North America.

The four-doors are really going through hard times. Demand for them is falling in all major markets, with people increasingly buying crossovers that are considered more practical and versatile.

Even in the USA, where sedans have always been loved, companies partially or even completely abandon the production of passenger cars. Ford has no such models left, Chevrolet still only keeps Malibu in its cage. However, the Japanese have a completely different strategy.

While Toyota officials have acknowledged that the sedan lineup may be subject to change in the future, there are currently no concrete decisions on that. In addition, the company is pleased to own approximately 20% of the US auto market.

Also, representatives of the Japanese giant said that in America there are many consumers who love sedans and are not interested in buying crossovers. There may not be as many of them as there used to be, but they do exist and Toyota wants to have the models they like in its lineup.

One of the strengths of the sedans in the company called affordability: they are banally cheaper than similar SUVs. They also consume less fuel and often offer a higher level of comfort.

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Plus, Toyota will benefit from Ford, Chevrolet and others leaving the sedan market. This reduces competition, so that even with a general drop in demand, the Japanese will be able to maintain sales at about the same level.

Today Toyota sells four-door Corolla, Camry and Avalon models in the US. And then there is the hydrogen-powered Mirai, plus it is a stretch to call the Prius, which, although it is a liftback, is nevertheless closer to sedans when compared with crossovers.

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