Don’t off the thieves – leave the car open!

Don’t off the thieves – leave the car open!


Due to the increased frequency of robberies, some Californian drivers leave their cars open to show the robbers that there is nothing to steal. And in this way they try to avoid vandalism.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to CarScoops.

Theft and robbery has become so common in the Gulf of California that some car owners now leave the trunks of their parked cars open – so as not to bother thieves with smashing their car windows. Viral images of two SUVs have been circulated on the Internet parked side by side with their trunks open.

The owner of one of the SUVs explained: he does it in order to show the thieves that there is nothing to steal in the car. However, local authorities are strongly discouraging other drivers from following this example.

San Francisco Police Deputy Chief Garrett Tom said that “too much can go wrong” – if you leave the trunk open, the thief can easily access the glove compartment, where many drivers keep documents. p>

And he urged victims of car thefts to immediately report to the police, so that they, in turn, begin an investigation and increase patrolling in problem areas. This, according to the cops, will serve as a deterrent for potential criminals. The Mayor of San Francisco has denied allegations of condoning crime and has called on the police to take more decisive action.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, the number of burglaries and thefts from cars has increased by 27 percent this year.

“I don’t understand why people want to make this world unbearable when we can make it beautiful for everyone,” reads one of the comments under this video. Naive idealist!

Recall that a woman from Philadelphia gave birth to a child in the front seat of a Tesla while the electric car was driving on autopilot to the hospital. But due to traffic jams, the child was born in the car.

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