Dream car for Americans

Dream car for Americans


Experts from the Compare.com auto insurer search platform decided to find out what a dream car looks like for Americans. To do this, they surveyed 1,172 US residents – 56 percent of men and 43 percent of women – aged 18 to 80 years. It turned out that the majority do not find Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti the most attractive products of the automotive industry: both in reality and in dreams, crossovers were preferred to supercars.

The crossover segment, or SUV (“sports utility vehicle”), received 30 percent of the vote, making it the most popular segment in the poll. The Americans called black the most preferred body color. SUVs have dominated the market for several years, and, apparently, are not going to give up their positions: according to experts, by 2025 they will account for up to 78 percent of sales.

However, the choice varies depending on the lifestyle of the respondents. So, Americans with children dream of a black crossover (moreover, BMW brands), lovers of long races dream of a blue Audi coupe, city dwellers dream of BMW again, but in a sedan and white body. Only the inhabitants of the countryside made a patriotic choice by voting for the red Chevrolet pickup.

BMW turned out to be the most desirable brand overall, with 25 percent of respondents calling it the best, not bothered by the huge “nostrils” of the radiator grille on new models. However, among the most important characteristics, exterior design ranks only seventh, and in the top three are handling, durability and the quality of materials in the cabin. For women drivers, comfort was the main factor, and they rated safety higher than men.

Ford is in second place among brands, Audi is in third, and Chevrolet is in fourth. The desire to own a Tesla electric car was expressed by only one in 10 Americans, or 11 percent of those surveyed. It is noteworthy that Toyota was not in the top three, although according to the results of real sales, it ranks second after Ford.

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