Drifting – I Thought I’d Die!

Drifting – I Thought I’d Die!


Fuel Fest – This was my first real drifting experience in the custom Nissan 240SX at the Millville New Jersey Motorsports Park and experiencing the JDM Culture! Thanks to the @hazedriftteam!Please don’t attempt to drift in any public space. The full experience was supervised by professionals.Follow me on:Music byJust Keep Being You – ft. Raizon

Ben what happened I was putting the brake what’s up guys supercar blondie here at a Raceway where exactly are we what’s up Jersey yeah no Ville no yeah so is this New Jersey New Jersey okay I’ve been traveling so so much I know where yet okay New Jersey in the South this is mad poor drifter not a problem we’ll go for pro for now let’s just all go pro all right owner owner that’s it Matt is it’s actually your car this is my car this is your car so we’re just about to go drifting in this part scratch he’s got a couple battle scars for sure what’s gonna happen is Matt’s gonna take me around drifting around this track by the way the biggest event is happening in LA 2nd of March please calm down it’s going to be massive we’re expecting 25,000 people at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim so please come down and make sure you check out the link below and go buy your tickets it’s going to be massive Kody walk is going to be there a few different people from the Fast & Furious movie franchise we’ve got some massive car names let’s just put it that way so make sure you go check it out there’s going to be lots of food and drink and music and heaps and heaps of cars JDM we’ve got exotics we’ve got lowriders we’ve got everything make sure you are there I’m going to be there and I want to meet you so they’re filming some movie or something all of you will field very soon I can’t Chuck I can’t talk about it right now all right secrecy cuffing Von D’s about a drift in this jdms and car apparently they’re doing some movie you don’t want to air what I want to be all I want to do is rip Yorkshire tea I mean go fast don’t die so you drifter as well I am yes my name is grant grant yeah how long have you been drifting about four years okay yeah pretty consistently though oh my god sorry so we spun out and got stuck in God be okay you think you do it do one thing like I could barely do it fine I need some more I need at least like five or ten more yeah go straight in after this yeah okay we’re back on the track we’re coming straight back in okay folks it’s really really fast yeah it’s a fast track my first time on it it definitely happened um I get comfortable used to get the line I mean it’s just such a difficult track that like it took him even a few guys just to get into a drift and there are slick spots everywhere and I mean we’re going into drifts at like 90 miles an hour he hasn’t showed that fast to be able to get the bike to kind of spin out I don’t know there’s not a lot of grip with the with the track being wet like it is but with that I had the right angle and all that kind of thing and then hit a spot where as maybe you know some extra slick on the track and he just lost it there was a there’s a few spots out there so you can die that’s why you’re wearing fire suit I’ve never felt that way before on the track before I’ve always felt like completely in control no I’m saying that I have no [ __ ] chance to be able to do this I mean there were moments where I thought you know what you could you could really die on this track like I could die I’ve never felt like that before I really haven’t I don’t know I don’t know I’m really I’m really worried about this sorry laughs so I was drifting in the car and that’s fine because like you only need to get up to speed maybe nothing you know you just seen a car kind of going like it we’re going 90 miles an hour oh yeah that that’s definitely though we’re gonna take it all I’d have to take a piece off your welder and then put it back on so we’re gonna go with another car that I haven’t had no experience in honestly guys like usually Michael I’m gonna try anything I just tried it this track is really hard and it’s slick like it’s wet out there as well so there are moments where even if you do get into a controlled drift there’s a patch of water and boom you’re spinning out of control so I don’t know like a few sections of the track are super slick we had warned me and you had a lot of grit and then just nothing so for the chicane and the car just went full wash yeah I saved it but it was like oh my gosh happened to me twice in it I should have known and the last time it just was do you know what you have to do to actually break your car out yeah I mean I’ve been watching their feed and watching them use the handbrake you gotta control when you’re using the gas when you’ve when you’re using the brake when you’re changing gears when you’re using that the handbrake it’s there’s a lot of moving parts what sort of money be put into car like this time have to speed like that over time this car probably has a forty to fifty thousand and we crash them into walls yeah what’s the most expensive horn to you ah probably the engine yeah the roll cage is a few thousand 200 I guess now this is a v8 that’s more advantageous and Alice won this one yep and this is a true Alice once aluminum block and most JDM still will be not naturally aspirated typically yeah typically yeah a lot of six and four-cylinder turbocharged engines so he’s a police officer yeah great and a drifter by night the problem is to spadeful honestly like in order to get into a dress you need to be going 90 miles an hour so what’s that in common as a hundred and forty maybe corner yes so we’re talking about those foods and then if you even get into the drift right if you manage to get into the drift if you then can’t control it which is a big possibility you’re spinning out at 140 kilometers an hour yes is this your main worry that the car could actually flip yeah but you do have a roll cage in it yeah he’s just some dude there do we have insurance in case she flips the car and completely trash as in you know these costs costs up to a thousand dollars the guys he said he put in over fifty thousand dollars worth of customization it said that and we don’t know cares and we need for that it’s an okay I’m gonna be honest with you I do I like the look of these cars no but do I like how they feel to drive yes because it is so raw it so real there are so many moving parts you’ve got to be really really skilled to drive a car like this around the track and it’s nothing like a supercar or an exotic kites they’re just so easy to drive now it’s so easy so yeah that’s right so back to my original question she trashes $50,000 it’s all covered right of course brilliant repositioning the seat so that I can get in and drive it so hold on you’ve got you getting a new car a new car yo cuz I want to cry okay so tell me about this car what is it you wanna be in it let’s finish this I’m 240 okay that’s good listen to listen it’s in this sense in a sense I mean this car does not look it’s gonna be drivable for a year so that’s what we got teamwork that’s why I’m working on someone’s car gotta help each other out that’s it’s the best part about get this ready within what a now this has a I believe it’s a 2 liter four-cylinder turbo ok suitable with that it looks it looks good it’s half a car at the moment I think this is a completely different world from my world it’s cool I mean I just wouldn’t know where to start like look at all this stuff happening all these straps and the tools and if I just hold one of these in my hand I think you know I might pass for someone who knows what they’re doing do you think am I getting in this now so we’re gonna just check the harnesses to make sure they fit you properly because every driver is different I can’t give you this back not that I did anything with that I felt like I was contributing in some way just by carrying and I thought you guys put all of these cars together yourself you know oh absolutely yes yeah actually I built this one in like two or three weeks at the beginning of the year building this car in two or three yeah just to just to go out and have fun with all my friends and so it’s not gonna fall apart right yeah I’ve been driving I throw it all last year when we good to go tried and tested okay look at it down yeah it’s done that’s [ __ ] dumb I’ll get it dripping you well I call them fire no no no what happened I it just started pouring oil out probably because I was on rev limiter for the past five minutes straight Hanako we’re talking about this call the draw you ready you ready no you know what to do so she got stuck in a knot so we’re in the rescue vehicle trying to get her out are some long tracks out here fires hey Steve yeah we’re scared she’s gonna hit the toys oh no not at all I’m actually very well known for running into tire stacks so it wouldn’t have been the first one Wow I just took that turn way too quickly I was getting my confidence up and I just went way too quick and I was just coming so fast for these tires and I just stop just stop short of them so I have no idea the speedometer doesn’t work but you managed to drift yeah on the first corner I drifted a bit you know I’ve got I’m working with a few stick that’s sideways he built the car in two weeks stops up okay she’s been what happened I was putting the brake on spun out multiple times let’s just put it that way I gave this kind absolute beating thank you so much Matt for allowing me to put in your girl I got a few dresses all you need is the clutch really you know you throw the clutch in and that kind of and work your way on the gas at the same time that kind of throws you into this onto the side and then you just need to control that as soon as you’re on the side that’s the hard work you know because it gets the point where you’re completely out of control and that’s the moment you need to embrace it and and push through and that’s where where the the good are separated from the great I’m not even the good yet I’m like the really really poor maybe one day I can get to the good but I did kind of throw it into a couple of drifts which was really cool but I needed more time you know enjoyed it I really enjoyed it so you know I this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time how did she do for a first time I did good I mean she definitely understood when I was giving directions what I meant and you know she picked up each instruction and grew from it each time and you know we wouldn’t get too stuck on one small thing it was just progression in progression aggression and I think she’s she’s ready to go how much damage was done to the car and how much will it cost to fix it I really can’t tell I don’t think I think it looks the same I’m still on that supply man had bent the fender in at one point but we just I got that footage nice this cocoa and he arranged everything today you brought all these cars out and all the guys so we’re gonna go have a little look around and get to know you guys and see what’s special about each car my club is called olegmon and let’s really what the JDM culture is about it’s about no cut no two cars are the same everybody just put their own pieces everybody has a whole different method of how they wanna customize their own vehicle yeah absolutely you see every part yeah that’s one thing that I’m gonna take away from this is how different each car is and there’s not one thing that a car needs in order to be cool in the JDM culture you know it’s like if you think it’s cool then it is cool yeah right yeah so that’s that’s really never have to be like anybody else cuz you’re my favorite person wouldn’t you be in yourself too original right from the start straight from the heart a great work of art you stand the power your style Celeste your light shine a bright in my life through the darkest of nights okay this is not usually my you might get up but I have a scene going on that will be seen very shortly somewhere I can’t give you any more details than that I hope you like this video give me a quick thumbs up I’m feeling much more confident about the whole drifting thing now because of these awesome guys who took me around the track they really gave me some confidence and ice really started to drift subscribe to my channel please if you haven’t yet and I’ll see you at fuel fest on the 2nd of March please get your tickets right now don’t go anywhere else click the link below get your tickets because it’s going to be massive and I don’t want you to miss out this is going to be the biggest car event I have ever been to I’m out love you

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