Drive all the States in 3 days: a new record

Drive all the States in 3 days: a new record


Almost all (except Alaska and Hawaii) of the US states were covered in 3 days, 14 hours and 19 minutes. The team consisted of three men, they traveled in a 2012 Mercedes-Benz S550 (W221).

Todd Heckel from Washington State, Grady Leno from Pennsylvania and Peter Loforte from California took part in the record run. The journey began on July 8 from the parking lot of a BBQ site in Vermont in the Northeast United States and ended 86 hours and 19 minutes later in Washington State in the Northwest of the country. The route was 6677 miles (10,745 km) with an average speed of 78 mph (125 km / h).

As noted by Road & Truck, the idea to go on such a trip arose after Heckel, Leno and Loforte traveled 36 hours from the East to the West coast of the United States in May this year as part of the illegal Cannonball race. Following this beaten track, they decided to plan a more unique and in many ways more challenging event.

According to Gre Leno, success would have been impossible without competent route planning and well-coordinated teamwork. Participants took turns driving after four hour shifts. Thus, each of the crew members could have enough rest and stay at the wheel in a vigorous state, which also had a positive effect on maintaining the pace.

The car worth $ 27,500 was slightly modified – before the start of the trip, an additional 83-liter fuel tank was installed in the trunk, an LED strip was integrated into the lower grille to improve visibility at night, and several radar detectors appeared in the cabin, which protected the sedan from stopping police for speeding.

The previous record for overcoming the 48 continental states of the United States was set in 2015 and was 94 hours, 42 minutes and 35 seconds.

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