Driver in Japan, car in Germany: how are the tests of an electric car from Sony

Driver in Japan, car in Germany: how are the tests of an electric car from Sony


Sony and Vodafone have demonstrated one of the benefits of 5G high-speed internet. It allowed a test driver from Tokyo to drive a prototype Sony Vision-S electric vehicle, which was at the time at the testing ground in Aldenhoven, Germany.

Despite the fact that these two places are 9,363 km apart, the test driver, sitting at his desk with a three-monitor installation in the capital of Japan, successfully drove the Vision-S 01. He managed to accelerate the electric car to speed of 61 km / h using a pedal set and steering wheel, very similar to game controllers. There was even a clutch pedal, but for obvious reasons it was not useful.

As a safety precaution, a “local specialist” was driving the electric sedan in case something went wrong and he had to block the remote control. Sony explained that video and control signals were transmitted with low latency thanks to the built-in telematics system Vision-S 01. The unusual test was carried out as part of a research program to develop codecs and data transmission control technology that ensure stable transmission in real time.

Recall that the prototype of the Sony Vision-S sedan was presented in 2020 and has since been tested in different countries. Recently, the company presented its second electric car model – the Vision-S 02 SUV crossover at CES in Las Vegas, and also announced the creation of the automotive division of Sony Mobility Inc.

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