Driving the $4 million Lamborghini Centenario in NYC!

Driving the $4 million Lamborghini Centenario in NYC!


Thanks to the owner & Manhattan Motor Cars I’m getting to drive this 1 of 20 Lamborghini Centenario Coupe through the middle of NYC!Thanks to:www.manhattanmotorcars.comFollow us on:www.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.instagram.com/manhattanmotorcarswww.instagram.com/bk_exotics_nycMusic by:Cool Nights – DixxyLuvly – Joakim Karud

amazing this isn’t just any chantin our ERP sees an exposed carbon fiber version of the jintan area it’s only one of two in the whole of North and I believe there are only like a handful made in the world they’re all made of carbon fiber that we’ve got carbon fiber bodies but they’ve got they’re being painted over so you can’t see you know it’s not visible to the eye but this one all carbon fiber so this is one of 40 Chintan areas in the world one of 20 coops so this is what there’s another 20 roosters in the world it has around seven hundred and seventy horsepower Aventador s that I’ve been driving recently Kia from Lamborghini has 740 horsepower she was originally about 2.3 now it’s going for about just under four marina so 3.9 million once this car sells that pretty much sex the market price for buying a chanting reo secondhand so 3.9 they’re wanting but right above your head is an interesting one Wickham is that that is a crazy rap Aventador V and it is team Salamone X Brian you might have seen him next late I guess of course I think you can do that well on the race but it’s cause hot is there actually a place for your key this time oh that’s thrill oh that’s brilliant usually there’s no place to store your key when you when you start up the car these are little details but very helpful to have USB outlets to console we are sitting in the Chintan area at the moment and we’re actually going to get fuel say my hey I’ll put your name on the bottom perfect boy honey client was this car made for because don’t we have the invention or SP here we have now the new invention or ends this kind of has looking around and talking to you for a little bit feels like it kind of has a hearts pooled from each of them and of course 770 instead of seven what was his car made for who so then this is part of their one-off series from Lamborghini and so what they do is they make you special one-off bars for a very select group of clients this car was done witnessed in a selection process and my client was ultimately selected to to receive the bar and it’s a very special car each one was to be somewhat different from the other cars okay and the idea was to get the as much as they possibly could and weight down as much as they possibly could right and also make the body work very crazy looking and matchbox car light so this is actually based on an Aventador S in parts right the grassy roads are the engine so it has the same a naturally aspirated v12 correctly so that the Veneto for instance was based on the first generation car this is genius based on this second generation are the Aventador s honey the same chassis same engine and transmission from the event door s this was the first lever you need to have four-wheel steering and the Titanic sloth which the event and of course the lighter way bodywork keep the weight down right and with the extra horsepower this car does handle different than an SV or Annabeth whereas really so we’ve just been walking around the car and it’s just carbon fiber everywhere obviously the other search engine arrows are also made of carbon fiber full carbon fiber body but you can’t necessarily see it because a lot of them have been painted over so this is just one of a handful we can actually see the carbon fiber body and it is super special she asked beautiful Canada the New York Auto Show as well so fantastic exposure and now he’s ready to part ways with a heat lamp drove it a little bit he had enough enjoyment out of it and he’s ready to part ways with it he wants it to go to somebody who’s gonna collect it and enjoy it and that’s a difficult decision though isn’t it letting go or something like this it is because it’s so special and everywhere you take it you get so much attention I’ve taken it to so many car shows where I would pull it off the back of the truck into the spot where we’re gonna leave the car for the day and the entire show is chasing me to the parking spot we call the zombies photographer zombies are chasing me through the parking lot yeah so it’s an exciting it really is an exciting thing and it’s a it’s a special very special car and it’s been really fun to be a part of this screen – in the center console that’s a lot bigger than anything I’ve seen before yeah this is all new and this is really a good glimpse into the future and really that’s kind of what Lamborghinis that’s what they do with these special one-off cars is every time they build one of these specialty cars it’s really kind of a glimpse into the future right so this is the technology that we are probably going to see in the next generation v12 car some of the other you know parts and pieces will probably see maybe the design of this car might be a glimpse of what the next generation v12 this is cool guys so we’re actually getting in a lift wow I’ve never experienced this before petrol gas as they call it in the stands whether what a business my god it’s beautiful [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] let’s see what the damage is how much should actually cost to fill up a Chintan REO in America you know so guys in Dubai you don’t need to get out to fill up your car an assistant or an attendant comes in fills it up for you you want to fill up your own Centenario you just do this is like a once-in-a-lifetime experience seriously it’s around the necks they’re just random numbers people of New York City okay so Brian and we have just finished the meet-and-greet here at Manhattan motorcars and you know what someone asked me which I thought I might pass on to you is the Chandan REO just like an Aventador S with the cool body kit I had a feeling you were gonna test for that and I hate when people say that I’m he’s just gonna fall so roll the hard questions to you yeah cuz that really could be said for anything nowadays you know I mean a Porsche 911 started life as a Volkswagen deal right a Bugatti the bugatti chiron started its life actually as a Veyron right so it really that could be said for for anything nowadays every car is different based on its chassis setup it’s weight savings its horsepower the suspension everything makes a car different all those things can make a department I mean the slightest change in something can make a coffee or completely do correct we of course has the biggest change on a car what is the white difference between they Sun and Aventador s it’s about 150 to 200 pounds different I mean that’s quite a lot it’s quite a lot yeah I mean every every one horsepower of weight you’d have to add almost two horsepower to get the same effect yeah right and on top of that you have more more power in this car anyway than ever and the body chassis dynamics and all the aerodynamics were actually set up by the dallara race company so a real professional race company actually set up all that stuff for Lamborghini this car is very buttoned down very sure-footed and you can feel that difference – it’s kind of funny to think about you can feel the weight in a car you can feel the difference in weight you can actually feel the difference in the aerodynamics in this part why are you difficult to explain without experiencing it right you can literally feel this car cutting through a window next time I’m here we’re taking on the track right absolutely one thing we didn’t look out before was the rims so it’s just well it’s just got added bits of carbon fibre here for example on the rim right we’re going on there so they wanna they needed something to be able to feed air more into the braking system so rather than just shaping the wheel they put on this beautiful carbon fiber plate which actually can remove and you can see the the rivets there that hold it in place yeah and so those actually parenting yeah because you can see here see how the air flows through the normal alloy between the alloy and the carbon fiber the middle of New York City on the top of a building rooftop in Manhattan we have got the chanchan REO a big big thanks to a Manhattan motor cost because they actually lifted this gentle REO from the ground floor up to the rooftop just so that we can film with it here today really comfy oh damn we missed that they’ve got a I think you’re from the marketing side right yes this whole you had a helicopter flying in it cost fifty thousand dollars just to lift there yes we’ve got the proof there to see this interpret so the helicopter was on there and then I flew the whole thing here $50,000 yeah then we had the Navy actually have scored it operation done yes yeah okay guys there wasn’t no helicopter but we did get it up in a lift it’s all right please like and subscribe I hope you’ve enjoyed our live our experience with the Chetan REO today I’ll see you on the next vlog somewhere else in the world

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