Driving the £5.4m Bugatti Divo

Driving the £5.4m Bugatti Divo


Ever wondered how a super exclusive downforce-hungry Chiron drives? Well, wonder no more. Here are eight things you need to know about Bugatti’s bonkers £5.4m Divo. Series 28: First Looks: Chris Harris Drives: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

let’s just get right down to it shall we this car is not exactly what you’re called cheap it costs 5 million euros plus local taxes so that’s 6 million quid in the uk but on the other hand it does have rarity on its side because they’re only going to be building 40 devos but there is a little bit of a catch in order to be eligible to buy a diva you need to already own a shiron and if you don’t already own a shiran well then you need to buy one and that brings the bill to 7.5 million euros plus tax okay so this isn’t just a carbon fiber coach built body plonked on top of a sheer underneath all this carbon fiber is a much more serious machine i’m told that this car will lap the nado track eight seconds faster than the standard chiron which is quite a lot the reasons for that are many it’s lighter about 35 kilograms not massive in the scale of things but every gram counts there’s more downforce and we’ll come to that again in a minute and you get stiffer springs and dampers and more camber on the tyres so as i said quite a serious thing the devo produces 456 kilograms of downforce at its limited top speed of 236 miles an hour which is 90 kilograms more downforce than you get at the same speed with the shear on and it’s not hard to see why is it with this body work every single inch of it is a slash or a vent or a wing or a protruding spoiler that just wants to slice your angles off some may argue that it’s lost some of the chiron’s elegance but actually if you get it in a toned down color like this dark blue here which i think looks absolutely gorgeous it’s still got that elegance and it’s got even more impact looks great to me this wing then not only is it a double layer as you can see there it’s also 1.8 meters wide which is wider than i am 23 percent wider than you get than a standard churron fak fans it’s hydraulically actuated so you can alter the angle depending on which driving mode you’re in but it’s a fixed height while we’re around the back we might as well mention the fact that the diffuser is even wider than the one you get on the shoe on and you’ve got a different trim on the quad exhaust pipe here oh and these how amazing are these look at these led tail lights they’re like a piece of sculpture and i’m told they’re not just purely for show these are actually lighter than standard tail lights i don’t know why they don’t just put them on the vw golf the engine bay in fact there’s not that much to talk about here because this car the devo has the same engine as the chiron however when said engine is an eight liter w16 quad turbo capable of producing 1479 brake horsepower and 0.62 in 2.4 seconds you know we’ll give them a pass our time with the devo was fairly limited just a handful of runs on one decently surfaced stretch of the targa florio hence the voice over rather than any in-car footage but i can assure you that is me immediately the devo shatters your assumptions i thought this two-ton car would feel heavy laggy and a bit clumsy but it’s the exact opposite the steering is light and bright and it turns in with the tenacity of something much smaller the view out is perfect it’s not temperamental to drive at low speeds it’s a cliche but it really is as easy to drive on these narrow roads as a dsg golf tickle the throttle and the response is instant there’s a frictionless feel to that initial jump and then the first pair of turbos fill their lungs let’s call this normal supercar quick if you can keep it pinned from there you get the full blurry new trousers please hit it is of course a complete monster but one that still rides beautifully and finds traction on even the dodgiest surface it’s a car you probably wouldn’t but you could drive every single day so as you’ve probably already worked out the bugatti devo is named after albert devo a racing driver from back in the day who won the targa florio twice in 1928 and 29 driving a bugatti type 35 on this very road that’s why we’re here that’s the pits the old pits over there and as luck would have it we have a type 35 here today now i’m told this isn’t a replica but it’s not an absolutely pucker matching numbers example either if it was it’d be worth something knocking on the door of two million quid but it’s still an utterly beautiful car and i just wanted to show you a few of the details that make it so special if i can figure out these um high-tech leather straps then i should be able to give you a little peek under the bonnet because under here is something very special indeed i’m probably going to burn my fingers aren’t i doing this there we go straight eight and you’ll get to listen to that in a minute it’s absolutely deafening a very very special engine and a couple of things to point out this is absolutely glorious on the back of this bonnet mascot is the thermometer you can see the red line there the red line goes above that shoulder of the metal your engine’s running too hot it looks too small and too far away but it’s perfect for your sight line when you’re driving this car and you see this incredible belt driven contraption here that’s for the tachometer and there’s more look look at these little bits of cheese wire here that is so you know that your panels are strapped on and safe because one of these bits of wires breaks where one of your panels is probably going to fly off a few minutes later now i would like to explain exactly what all these levers and knobs and pumps and dials do but frankly i haven’t got a clue it’s quite complicated to drive this thing so it’s just as well that i’m not allowed to drive it but i am allowed to go for a passenger ride and for that i need andy wallace a much more qualified man than me you

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