Driving the La Ferrari Aperta

Driving the La Ferrari Aperta


The German TV show GRIP with Matthias Malmedie visits me in Dubai. So we are taking the La Ferrari Aperta for a spin. Thank you Tani Hanna and Ferrari for making this possible.Instagram:www.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.instagram.com/tanihannaracingwww.instagram.com/matthiasmalmedieGrip TV Show:Music:Ora by Isolated (Royalty Free Music)

guys we brought this laferrari inverter out into the desert to film with it today thank you so much to honor the president of the Ferrari Club and Ferrari itself for organizing this today and what we’re gonna do is basically show these guys who have come over from Germany to buy what kind of access you get to these incredible cars these guys are filming their own TV show they’re German channel it’s called just for the first time got me into a lover re a person who hasn’t yet driven it how does it feel right you haven’t driving it I’m a first-time one of only 200 in the world right in front of us just amazing there are a few more that they made but they only sold two and Tunney this is insane right here it’s a laferrari and the laferrari discover the road as well yeah the car makes you switch off of everything else you’re just like you live in a different war that will say it’s a it’s a sensational thing you know you you have you connect to the power you you become one you move together you you interact with the car and you just as I said you switch off completely and it just I cannot describe the feeling you just have to drive it to feel exactly the same it is about what you like you know it’s it’s a passion and if you like so much this kind of activity you like motorsport you like speed you like fast car you like generally you like the brand you connect and this is the ultimate pleasure a little morning taani get as much time Fox’s oh yeah I can’t make me happy don’t nee and I believe Museum no I give me – sold that’s funny you know and that’s why I want to say big thank you to Tony and Ferrari because it’s so amazing to do this a little bit and use the car it’s like it’s very sandy day today and it is there’s lots of sand on the road and the sand can make it super slippery so if you hear it at the wrong angle you can just slide completely off so we’re not going to push it too much oh I have to turn it on to see if it’s locked in place if it’s not locked in place you can fly back when you actually got your foot on the only other place [Laughter] mastani so I’ve driven this car once before Tony was so generous let me drive it and it was just made my life yeah I mean he just got the car and then I was allowed to drive it the next day which is crazy so okay are you ready we’re gonna start where’s the kids in yeah okay is it locked in place we’ve got to check so that has an e mode but as soon as you press on the gas it will automatically swap over you have beautiful it’s called the Ferrari style who what is this slime there is nothing between me and the engine but it is to give on my tears perfect being good absolutely like a girl oh yeah so she drove it like she stole it I’m doing something super cars this is hyper car heaven the way responds to every little movement that you make on the wheel every time you little millimeter you press on the accelerator it is there it is there with you it is ready to respond there is no sleeping with this car it can sleep another time but honestly this is just the most incredible experience

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