Driving The Most Insane Concept Car | Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow

Driving The Most Insane Concept Car | Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow


I’m at Pebble Beach meeting with Chief Designer for Daimler AG – Mercedes-Benz Gorden Wagener talking about his latest creation the 738HP Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow Concept car. Watch how it drives!!Thanks to Mercedes Benz!Follow us on:

the man beside me is actually the guy who designed this incredible car and it’s not a pleasure to meet you and chat with you in person you don’t want it is this silver all right so here and have a beach with our heritage has Mercedes we reinvented the server all right but as a severe of the next decade let’s say so we got inspired by the famous one especially the there’s a car a Corolla made the world record on public roads in 1938 already okay he was driving with a record car 432 kilometers power I don’t know actually no yeah and so that’s the inspiration for that a very Aero streamlined car they’re reduced and fully electric 750 horsepower and the cool thing is with the likely it’s more about acceleration than high speed there’s no really not a point going faster than 30 right so we estimated acceleration under two seconds 0-60 you see it’s a mono pasta so it’s really a race car it’s a silver era but we see the design is super clean and seamless yeah no line and basically in one bow across and one bow across that way and that’s a car yeah well I wanted to talk to you about the fact that it actually drives and that has all of this electric engine in it because most concept cars don’t even get that far you know it’s just a body so how did how do you actually get over any bumps in this not a good idea he’s saying you don’t you don’t go over speaker yeah yeah it’s a race car it’s meant to be on respect yeah so it’s very like in two inches and over there it looks even even this silver this silver bit of covering the rims here I can’t even fit my finger under look just one finger now here the cool thing is you see I’m basically the survivor has freestanding wheels and and you have it here with the back of this beautiful cutout and actually looks a bit like a bad move and so we covered it from the front or two here that cover that stays in the wheel and so we have kind of the aerodynamic protection from the front yeah and then we keep it all from the rear and and we use that rose gold it’s kind of you know electric trap for electro is gold against silver I mean what’s the better combination I love I love I heard something going on behind us so it’s talking about something yeah it’s talking it’s a cool thing some we made some virtual future see the whole cluster the steering wheel has a touchpad and then there’s a display and we integrated some some gamification features and the coolest one is you can do the ghost racing so you can race other cars you can race actually the historic server or you can race our current Formula One car with Louis on it and you get the ghost cars in there and then actually with the guy who is talking is sort of off so he’s giving you from the pit lane tells you how to drive that’s awesome so this car you’ve only produce one yes that’s the one off it will it ever be sold is there something you can buy I was thinking if we would put that for auctions we typically always get a lot of offers on those so many people want to buy that yeah also the last years with the Maybach show cars and everyone by that you see this is how a racing grill and then we put a display down here in the grid so it was trance transmitted some kind of information like move out of my way yeah get out and I’m coming yeah you can see don’t you’ve never really seen not people I love you like a display right here on the phone that’s another cool feature you can actually choose this how can I can I get in yes and and then you okay you know you’re wearing a skirt yeah the massive split got a dress on are you really gonna do that okay so what you had with the yeah yes and I still have got all my dignity in Jax actually getting in this more easy than getting out oh no you know and – really this is that’s not the sound it makes but maybe you could obviously want to get out this is the ignition handle and then the canopy were opener here’s some air vents here so you didn’t pull this sport oh no you just put it on yeah how do we there’s a button see at all and then you will see how it basically actually embraces you yeah and you see how nicely that seat is integrated into the teeth wood and the steering wheel so all the different drive modes are here in the middle of the wheel which actually makes it really really easy to control because of course you’ve always got to have your hands on the wheel anyway instead of you know having to put your hands on the wheel and somehow finding buttons down here which is generally the Crescenta console so you know taking your eyes off the road and having to find you know where sports mode is and then the center console is usually here so you’re looking away from the road again everything is right here in front of you while you’re actually driving you can scroll through this and a course adjust the sound that’s the most important thing EQ UFO oh great sorry you can see my reflection there more so than what’s on the screen but there are a few different things that you can select down here all of these modes which is really cool and this is the view from inside so you could get like GPS so say this could be your entire GPS tree that we’re getting more and more into three-dimensional maps and also content based Maps smart maps that show you basically the content here you’re looking for congratulations I want versions oh there you go guys I can’t get out if they said that getting out is more difficult than getting in and I think we need some kind of a curtain put up before I try to attempt this wait we need to step I’m gonna duck duck and roll no this way isn’t working no go further back what can we see next what’s coming next can you give us any like key confidential I tried I really tried guys thank you so so much for showing me around to the fly it’s gonna be here for a little bit longer and then we’re gonna catch it when it’s actually moving and when you’re gonna drive yeah my car someone had to drive it can I Drive yeah can I take it out you can take it out yeah [Laughter] so what’s happening now is the concept lawn is over I mean the day is over almost all the other cards have gone so they’re loading up the the silver arrow into the truck and I don’t know when we’re gonna see this again guys this is pretty special nice car yeah the bigger one for the cool thing is the site you can actually drive this car it it’s drivable the other thing is is that you can control it all from this remote will make a ramp the one in the middle you know some kind of genius making creamer [ __ ] great that was something that’s super special for me I’ve never really seen a concept car that even has an actual engine can drive on the roads and can also be completely controlled by a remote control so we’re saying goodbye to it it’s gone you don’t know when we’re gonna see this car again so that was really really special for me to be able to get inside I hope you have enjoyed that video and you learn a little bit more about the concept car and that’s it please like 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