Driving the new Vantage to UK’s biggest car Festival!

Driving the new Vantage to UK’s biggest car Festival!


I’m taking the New Aston Martin Vantage to Goodwood Festival of Speed in the south of England. My first visit thanks to Michelin & Aston Martin!follow me on:

got your car together so it’s been delivered to the hotel and we’re gonna fit all this luggage in we’re gonna be driving that down 200 so we didn’t really think this through we just thought it’d be amazing to have an Aston to go to Goodwood and we completely forgot that we have two massive suitcases and a number of other carry ons so oh and another one coming this is actually the Hugh Division so the Aston Martin Vantage queue which means it just has some more carbon-fiber features make wants me to concentrate on fitting luggage hey that’s pretty good that’s pretty good all right one down three to go well hello that’s very nice that one means sit on the front okay that’s all right oh this is heading up to massive suitcases of supercar blondie underwear in Jena is that what it is well I don’t know what else you pack them they’re certainly not my stuff I think you’ve forgotten about this massive bag here no no where’s that going ready yeah are you serious you’re gonna have it on your lap the whole time well it’s gonna be a comfy trip are you serious – doing what no thank you very much Wow look at this interior right the well yeah in my bag right gotta work hard gotta be passionate gotta gotta be crazy I failed over and over and over again and I risen the success where’s that going okay you get it now then it just takes great force pushing ethereum you love to get it Wow look at the interior of this card stunning this common oh you see I even need to go to the forward but good all right engine start yep so this is the v8 twin-turbo new Aston Martin Vantage it’s got an AMG engine in it nice Dodge they’ve done some work to it so doesn’t sound like an entry so it sounds like a master how many buttons there are no there’s many buns we’re like struggling to find the volume button then it’s like hidden here little William yeah because it’s also got the Mercedes infotainment system you know this is quite Mercedes is unmistakable unmistakably it’s a Mercedes impression and you can’t and you can see that by eye trying to say that this could only be a Mercedes infotainment system and because of this one particular feature you take it for anything else ma-kun that came out brother this one yeah that one I don’t know so we’ve been saying in Knightsbridge for the last few days and now we’re on our way down to Goodwood alright alright alright oh god it is like speeding like that place we have to travel about 40 minutes to good word tomorrow so we finally got here yeah and you’re not too happy why what happened do you see how much luggage we have yes no elevator yes and then our hotel room was literally at the end of the biggest hallway I’ve ever walked in my life they ask you how you are you just say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine you just can’t get into it because they would never understand I’ll show you how long it was yeah right so that’s why we checked in yeah in this building right here right so in order to get where we are we had to go up this building around long and this building up along this building here and then all along our building right to the end to almost where we checked in again but we couldn’t come up this way and that makes you know how it just makes me so annoyed like so we’re not at the right random location now we’ve got to go to another okay all right looks better now all right we’ve got our own little patch of grass to go we started a new line we started the line right I know how the English like a cue I bet they’d like to pursue their Cosmo flag so that kind of makes it official yep is that blacks are always official when you have a row that’s for the headband okay it’s a neck color Oh Nick : all right OMG it’s good is that yeah that’s good no really where do they go do you have a bigger one cuz he’s got quite big muscles and I can’t get around that’s the first time I’ve seen the Roadster version and it’s quite cool actually I think I still like to keep a version from a design perspective exactly nothing much has changed this is the very famous Hill Climb that everyone talks about there’s the start here and this is where all the cars run all the way up the hill in between the hay bales and that’s what I’m going to be doing this week within a couple of amazing cars so I’m going to vlog all of this so make sure you check it out so this is what they were talking about when they said that and the festival suite is order see that now three centers in a row all about to go out on the hill climb that’s pretty incredible on a sidenote I’d love to have rooms this color what do you guys think bright orange rims I love it didn’t know his electric I’ve just been resting because I’ve just had the toughest write on the hill yeah so let’s go up in the air alright so from cars to helicopters oh my god this is so cool so you go up in a helicopter at the festival of speed I did not know that Hey hello you’re ready to helicopter right yeah don’t take your seat for a minute sure lovely don’t go around the back of it all buttons because it’s doors will open but the door put buttons and my favorite thing that was cool I have no idea because my first semester speeds I really didn’t know what to expect so far we’ve been on a hill climb everything the helicopter we’ve seen three sevens in a row would be in the brother like it’s incredible nice New Yorker hot dog oh yes I have to get a hot dog yeah hot dog it’s really good yeah what are you a cat today you can see that in the next YouTube video her workout no there are so many things to see here it’s huge its massive so we’ve got four days to have a look around but we thought we can’t leave today without seeing the supercar paddock so I want to show you guys as well we’re all experiencing this together for the first time but we’re the Michelin supercars paddock and of course you’re gonna get some beautiful asteroids let us know what was standing next to that Steve I say so we’ve got the new super safe um you know I’m in the market to buy something like that yeah you would if someone’s looking at an item or you could actually correct yet so this really is wrong beautiful Wow when you come on adaptive advantage so we’re driving advantage has just over 500 horsepower so this is over 200 there we go just saw the quake we saw the garden click and really stitching now it’s just such a nice finish it is very beautiful you know that’s what I love about Aston they know how to finish cars the interior is always stunning our look Nick they have two little seats in the back these what you did in there wouldn’t you yeah you could definitely do that and there’s the key oh thank you so much spirit this is like a special carbon-fibre that’s what we offer as a standard option in the car yeah chopped chopped chopped carbon let’s just seem to even switch over to sport give it a bit of a read yeah I’m in love alright guys that’s it that’s the first day at Goodwood Festival of Speed I’ve had a fantastic time I hope you guys have enjoyed watching please like and subscribe I’ve got so much goin on in the next few days and we’ll see you there

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