Driving the World’s Fastest Car – Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Driving the World’s Fastest Car – Bugatti Chiron Super Sport


This is the Bugatti Chiron Supersport, the fastest Bugatti in the world at the moment and one of the world’s fastest cars. This Hypercar does 0-100 kmh in 2.4 seconds and today we’re going to put it on the track. The Bugatti Chiron Supersport has a World record top speed of 304 mph (490 kmh).Huge thanks to @Bugatti Presenter: @Sergi.Galiano & @LillyDouseYou can follow Supercar Blondie on:…

behind me is a 3.9 million dollar hyper car one of the fastest cars in the world and today i’m going to show you around it actually get to drive this thing myself this is the bugatti chiron super sport how crazy is this right all right so uh let me show you around uh i brought in uh come in come in alex supercar blondie how cool is that yeah if you look very closely that’s actually not alex this is actually lily we’re training her i’m gangnam so one of the first things that you’re going to notice is this massive c-shape because a toro bugatti’s signature pretty much looks like that i mean that was the inspiration obviously it’s also very functional we got frank over there he wants to make sure that you know he wants to make sure that we specify that it’s functional and everything here is the charon superstar it’s when you’re filling up your gas yeah you know it’s your car it’s like the stamp of approval like this is the super sport you got it right there we’re not going to go into the inside yet but i want to show you you have your normal key which you can just kind of put there to open the car but over here you have a secret key you see that that says shiran actually press that and this is a secret key that unlocks the full potential of this car so you can actually turn that like that and then what you get is the full power of the car completely unlimited to absolutely rip it to its maximum potential you have 21 inch alloys in the back and 20 inches over in the front and if you check out his pattern search look this actually matches what is inside the door here all this meshing yeah it continues on onto these tires so you know you’re driving a super sport if you have this little cube formed and what you what you know is that these tires can handle 500 kilometers an hour yeah you heard that right like 500. and they cost almost 15 000 for a set for the set the front splitter is larger more downforce look i actually can fit my hand all the way that’s how you say that’s how you shake hands with people i don’t want to share on superstars so apart from being able to handshake through the aircraft it also controls the flow of the air around the corner so you calm down the turbulence on the body side the back is my favorite part of the car i mean that’s a personal thing right everyone has their own little thing but the back for me looks absolutely incredible look at the vertical exhaust to allow more room for that diffuser make it bigger to allow even more effort yeah i mean coming close so actually you have four exhausts here right there you have two more six exhaust pipes these are stacked because the rear diffuser is now much wider much bigger uh to increase downforce by stacking them you have better airflow coming through there because if it was horizontal you’d have kind of a narrower gap and then making this shorter as well in order to allow for even more airflow going from the top from the bottom so it actually can converge together yeah i mean from here to here it’s not i mean it’s short it’s pretty short yeah the lights are also sick when you have this uh to me sir this looks like flames like when you’re driving yeah hashtag flying so we were you look that’s also a personal opinion like we were discussing we’re like you know these these taillights they look like something i don’t know like do they look like bottles she says flames i think they look like flames i don’t know what i want to also talk about is this space here in the back right you got the 1600 and any guesses on what that stands for yeah horsepower so this thing is absolute crazy the size of this engine is huge okay this is a quad turbo w16 produces 1578 horsepower actually this is actually super cool as well this is normally flat inside the car but this will deploy give you an air brake when you’re driving over 180 kilometers an hour you let go of the gas or hit the brakes this thing will pop up let’s open it up nice guy obviously you’re told immediately that you are driving the super sport and what the super sport comes with is the stitching yeah the stitching is beautiful your passengers know that you are a total badass take a look at the steering wheel right here we have uh three panels basically this is the rev counter and then the speedometer goes up to 500 500 make sure you can you see crystal clear that’s 500 like seriously like like no no 500 like that’s actually a possibility it’s absolutely crazy my car can literally hit about 200 maps yeah and that’s off a cliff what you have is the sea also visible on the inside of the car the entire car is pretty much split in half wow which i think is super cool all these little knobs feel very sturdy look at this there’s actually these buttons for the windows are leather wrapped there’s these little tiny little leather panels wrapped around the window just like the exhaust pipes the vents are also vertical oh yes they look pretty elegant right here is where everything happens right this is your gear selector and these buttons come to life when you turn it on bugatti oh the signature so that’s the actual signature we referred to before ettore bugatti so luis shiron i didn’t pronounce that perfectly louis louis okay was apparently a dance partner over in monaco and yeah he would dance with a lot of uh wealthy ladies can i say that and uh one of them you know they financed his bugatti he became one of the most successful drivers bugatti has ever had and they paid a tribute to him through this car i mean this is the best tribute i’ve ever seen yeah mean yeah i mean that’d be pretty cool to have like a car named lily or a car named sergey so look at this oh oh yeah that’s super cool this is gonna be the fastest car i’ve ever driven in my entire life and yeah i’m losing my bugatti virginity so uh oh yeah this is snug well engine on all right that already jumped a little bit i’ve never driven a body before oh there you go it’s always the first day it’s always the first and i’m excited oh my god it’s pretty quick okay all right lost control time uh in bulgaria watch controllable wow wow do you see that man that was that was shocking my helmet stuck to the back i had like an expectation i knew it was gonna be fast but the launch control will stay in my brain for forever i was thinking about it like just we were like two laps and i was still thinking about the launch thanks to andy obviously uh he took me through everything i was putting you to bugatti as well make sure you guys like and subscribe and i’ll see you guys next time

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