Drone manufacturer DJI has developed an autopilot for electric vehicles

Drone manufacturer DJI has developed an autopilot for electric vehicles


Many Chinese tech giants are now banking on the e-mobility business by creating and expanding dedicated divisions. Chinese Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd., better known for its commercial brand DJI, also did not stay away from the current brand.

The company already has an automotive division, DJI Automotive, which develops intelligent driving systems. The choice of direction is logical: DJI, which now owns about 70% of the global drone market (for comparison, no competing company has yet been able to capture more than 5%), has already accumulated tremendous experience in creating navigation systems, which is quite applicable not only for air, but also for land transport.

The first automotive partner of DJI was the SAIC-GM-Wuling US-China joint venture. According to the company, the first Baojun models equipped with DJI technologies will soon go on sale. In addition, the local company Volkswagen China, which is currently engaged in joint development of electronic driver assistants, has shown interest.

DJI is currently working on L2 Assisted Driving technology, with the prospect of expanding it to L3 and L4 levels. However, this will happen when regulations and infrastructure related to autonomous driving become more established.

DJI Automotive appeared in April of this year, although the head office assures that the company was engaged in the sale of spare parts and was present in this business for 5 years. Initially, the team of the “automotive” branch of the concern consisted of about 700 people, but now the number of employees has already exceeded a thousand. DJI intends to continue offering its advanced driving systems to other manufacturers.

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