Drone NEVS Sango: personal vehicle – past

Drone NEVS Sango: personal vehicle – past


The concept of NEVS InMotion shown in 2017 at CES Asia in Shanghai, turned into a running prototype of Sango. The Swedish firm NEVS calls him the first generation of Autonomous machines and a Central element of ecosystem PONS. Talking about Park electric robotaxi that are called via a mobile app. “The era of one person in the car and the private car ownership will soon be history, says Vice-President of NEVS, Anna Haupt. – A new era of urban mobility”.

Shuttle length – 4270 mm, width – 2020. Underground placed battery with a capacity of 62 kWh, which promises a range of 200 km, top speed limited to 15 km/h, but with the possibility of increasing to 50 km/h. Full charge from AC power (11 kW) is 5.5 hours.

The three rows Sango accommodate up to six people. As in the show-caret InMotion, there are three configurations: private, social, family (personal, social, family). Passengers can move and rotate the chair to sit face-to-face or fenced off by translucent screens.


“Today, there are 1.3 billion cars, but they are only used in 5% of the time. Parallel to the growing problem of traffic congestion and air pollution, explains NEVS. – Autonomous machine can deliver passengers to any point of the city at a fair price. No need to worry about Parking, refueling, maintenance and other expenses”.

Sango, according to the developers, is ready to integrate with any systems of Autonomous movement. Now, the project partner is Chinese-American AutoX firm based in Silicon valley and Shenzhen. Its technology AI driver tends to the fourth level of the pilot. While prototypes Sango to pass a test on the NEVS factory in trollhättan. The next step is testing the program in Stockholm with the participation of ten shuttles. Start of mass production planned no earlier than 2023.

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