Drone TV? What is the meaning and how it would work?


The program is a mobile emergency construction sign, capable of operating without human intervention. In the future he will be able to help motorists and construction workers in keeping safe on the road.

Judging by sketches of the author of the invention, the Aussie Norman Boyle, we can assume that the system has no on-Board controls. The product can be completely Autonomous, using work a lot of cameras, sensors and GPS location. Also, unmanned system can be controlled remotely.

32 pages of the patent are listed all the technology that can drive this strange vehicle. In particular, the mobile system is fully electric. Besides the fact that it can be used as a building Billboard, the description of the patent refers to various other onboard systems and possibilities of its use, for example, for fire fighting.

The concept of unmanned systems involves not only one working vehicle, but also a network of such mobile signs which can cover the working area builders or to help drivers to dangerous sections of the track where you need more attention.


At the end of last year the Corporation Tesla patented a system of laser cleaning of glass, which can replace classic wipers. On the idea of the American manufacturer, the laser system will be able to recognize contamination and instantly kill them without human intervention.

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