DS decided to bypass Tesla on the power reserve

DS decided to bypass Tesla on the power reserve


The new car on the STLA Medium platform will be able to cover about 700 kilometers on a single charge

French brand DS Automobiles set out to surpass the range of the Tesla Model S Plaid sedan. However, the upcoming novelty will not be released soon, it is possible that Elon Musk will be able to show something more long-range.

DS Automobiles recently announced plans to completely eliminate combustion-powered cars by 2024. From the same year, the systematic launch of 4 new electric crossovers will begin. The company is now revealing some details about one of the upcoming models.

Alas, very few details have been disclosed. It is known that he will be the first among the manufacturer’s cars to try on the brand new STLA Medium platform. The output of the power plant will reach 200 horsepower. It will have a very large battery with a capacity of up to 104 kWh, which will make it possible to travel about 700 kilometers on a single charge. This is about 50 km more than the current Tesla Model S.

The presence of the STLA Medium architecture as a wheelbase hints that we will not wait for the novelty until the end of 2023, when, according to the plan, the promising platform should officially debut. One way or another, but by that time Tesla may not only achieve the same range, but also dramatically exceed them.

Recall that earlier it was officially confirmed that the next generation of the DS 4 hatch will also receive STLA Medium and will enter the market in 2024.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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