DS introduced its first supercar

DS introduced its first supercar


Back in 2016, DS Automobiles unveiled the eye-catching DS E-Tense concept electric coupe at the Geneva Motor Show. This car did not go into the series, but six years later it was given a second life in the form of a battery-powered supercar with an 815-horsepower installation. The novelty retained its former name (but acquired the Performance prefix), carbon fiber monocoque and some body panels, while the design of the front and stern was revised and modernized. The technology is completely new and borrowed from the Formula E car of the 2023 season.

DS took the six-year-old E-Tense as its basis: the car is based on a carbon fiber monocoque, and externally the new supercar can be distinguished from the 2016 concept by a holographic display instead of a grille, daytime running lights with 800 LEDs and cameras in place of the headlights. The interior of the novelty has not yet been shown, but the Focal Utopia sound system has been preserved there, which has acquired two Scala Utopia Evo speakers, and leather upholstery.

DS E-Tense Performance is twice as powerful as the 2016 prototype, which was equipped with a single 402-horsepower electric motor. The electric car is driven by a twin-engine unit, which from 2023 it will be installed on the cars of the factory team of the DS team in Formula E. The electric motor on the front axle produces 340 horsepower, and on the rear axle – 475 horsepower. The claimed acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour is about two seconds, and the maximum speed is not given.

You can not count on a large power reserve, since the battery capacity is only 25 kilowatt-hours. Enclosed in a carbon-aluminum case, the battery was developed by Saft (a subsidiary of TotalEnergies), placed behind the seats and equipped with an immersion cooling system, that is, its cells are immersed in a non-conductive liquid.

DS Automobiles intends to start testing a running prototype before the end of February. In the future, DS E-Tense Performance will be used to test new technologies and solutions, which will then be implemented on serial electric vehicles of the French brand. As for the supercar itself, it will not fit on the conveyor.

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